The Wonder of Now

Right NOW is the perfect time to ____________. (Imagine the possibilities). If you can imagine it, you can have it. How wonderful. Decide on what you want, take baby steps and feel around for words, phrases that feel good. Things that resonate with you. And you will feel the peace when it is right and the discord when it is not so right.
Do the work.....affirm your desire, create a vision board, say it aloud as often as you wish. Feel good and inspired knowing "what we focus on expands".

Keep affirming and your belief will strengthen.It will soon be yours.

Today I affirm that I am in perfect alignment with my veritable fortune. I am in the vortex, and on this day I affirm that the perfect vibrational alignment is just as it should be.


The Test

Today is the test. This test is either pass or not pass. It is a test that is years in the making. It is a test that decides everything from this point forward. This test is 1 question....and here it is

Are you ready, willing and able to let go or the past, to be optimistic about the future, and to hold to the Wonderful Powerful Now? Before you answer lets explore the 3 headed soul- The Past, the Future, and the Present....I heard somewhere that:

The past is gone, the future is unknown, all we have is now, and it is truly a gift! (That's why it's called the present)

So are you ready to believe in your gift of NOW, act in a manner that supports you, loves you, appreciates you, delights in the very essence of YOU, and seize the remarkable power of this exact moment? I read somewhere that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW.

Smile today, knowing you have in your possession the power if the Wonderful Now.Forget what was, plan what will be, and enjoy what is. Yes, enjoy what is.

So I've asked you a question that will shape your life FOREVER. Are you ready?

Question and thought to ponder: How much time did you spendin deciding what to have for dinner, to watch on television, what car to buy, what movie to watch, deciding what is your Ideal Life and creating plans to achieve it?


Will you open the door when opportunity knocks

We are bombarded with less that perfect news- Econonic woes, geopolitical conflict, war, poverty....opportunity, blessings, exceeding expectations, doing more, being more, having more. Yes all of this is everywhere, remember the cosmic law "What you focus on expands" - in short, we become what we think about!

So in very simple terms, you cannot "not" think of the Statue of Liberty, quick don't imagine the Mona Lisa. But, we can use this to our advantage, to gain the power to lead out thoughts toward our Ideal Life. Begin to think of success and it will begin to show up everywhere.Begin to visualize what you want, talk more about what you want, seek out what you ready to open the door of opportunity.

Are you aware that there is a difference in taking action, versus taking inspired action? Taking action simply means to act, to be busy...whereas taking inspired action means to act with purpose, taking action that feel good, that feels right, being detached from the outcome, just knowing this is the right thing to do.

Begin to feel the difference, take inspired action, what things in your life begin to change. Then you know you are living your Ideal Life.

Question and thought to ponder: Look around at where you are in your life, if just changing your thoughts could change your view, would you begin to think differently? PS This is the "opportunity knocking" - go ahead and answer


Tear down this wall - Part III

The wall of ________________. You can fill in the blank with any and everything that keeps your from your ideal life. Wayne Dyer's new book "Excuses BeGone" tackles this very issue. And as we have heard so many times, knowing is half the battle. It's much easier to defeat the enemy when you know what it is, where it is, and how it is.

Lets us begin to evaluate our daily habits, our language, our thoughts, and our actions. Are we moving closer to victory? Have we defined what victory means to us? Are we aware of what it takes to get there? And finally, are we truly aware that whatever we desire to do, to be and to have, yes everything, we can have it all. Release the limitation, just say to yourself, excuses be gone. Decide to tear down this wall. It bears repeating, if there is something you want to be, to do, or to have, decide to tear down this wall.

Your Ideal Life is waiting for you to own it, to become it, to live it. It is a living breathing entity and when you laugh until you cry, when you fall in love, when you kiss a baby, when you listen to your favorite song, when you feel the sand beneath your toes, when you smile, when you feel good, your Ideal Life is revealed, it's calling you, it wants you as much as you want it.

Go forward, and tear down this wall. Beyond, your treasure, your Ideal Life awaits.

Question and thought to ponder: Have you ever wanted something that you would pay any cost, or have you ever wanted to do something that you'd pay to do it, or you'd do it for free? Those activities are soul of your Ideal Life.


Foe to Friend- 3 Easy steps!

Would you agree that we all have opinions that convey our values, beliefs and judgements?And we feel passionate about certain issues, don't we? And sometimes we are very passionate about those opinions, are we not? It's ours, we're right, and we aren't changing our mind! Well everyday we are faced with those that disagree with our "perfect solution", forsaking our wisdom for their own. The nerve! Guess what, everyone is entitled to their opinion, their facts, their life, their choice- even when we are asked for our opinion. Many years ago, a great wise man said "Agree with thine adversary quickly". Here are 3 tips to turn foe to friend:

1. Don't say "I'm smarter than you" or "I'll change your mind" - directly or indirectly- Instead, when someone is discussing something with you that you disagree with, " I may be wrong, I frequently am. Lets examine the facts" (Dale Carnegie)

2. Make it easy to say yes- NLP techniques use certain phrases that the brain naturally agrees with, and once you get a few yes's, our internal monitor keeps us consistent, does it not?. Some examples include, Would you agree (insert name) we have uncovered some very valid points? This is an important topic, is it not? You said (insert quick recap), is that correct? It's easier to say yes, after you've said it a few times, right?

3. Don't take opinions personally - Remember the saying "walk a while in my shoes", we all experience differences in our lives and what one thinks is normal, another thinks is outrageous. Martin Luther King Jr once said "I judge people by their own principles- not by my own". Nothing others do is because of you, each of us has our own view of the world.

Imagine you are having a party at your home this evening. Everything is perfect, the food is ready, your outfit is perfect, the drinks....oh you forgot to get ice. Now, you've decided to remain in hair curlers and your dirty jeans, just to run to the local store for the ice. As you are walking through the store you see a party guest, but it's ok because the guest didn't see you. After all, you look a mess, you don't want the guest thinking your appearance is a preview to the party. So you hide, scurry to pay for the ice and rush home.

An hour later, you look amazing, the party is great, but you notice the party guest from the store isn't there. You think, she stood me up. The nerve! Plus I know she was in the area, dressed and ready an hour ago! No more invites for her, I didn't want her here anyway, I'll just have to tell so and so about her.

At the same time, absent party guest is feeling snubbed because you didn't speak to her at the store. She thinks, " I didn't want to go to her party anyway, plus she looked a mess. I wonder if the others are aware of how she carries herself" .

Don't let this happen. Don't take anything personally. Have the courage to ask for clarification
Question and thought to ponder: Have you ever examined what you "gain" from being right all the time? And if you gain so much, why does it not feel good?


The expert within

The other day, I heard a motivational speaker say something that really made me think. His topic centered aroud positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. He said,
Find something you love to do. Something that you love so much that you would do it for FREE!. Then become so good at it that you become an expert, and people begin to pay you for doing it
How wonderful! This is a simple process in living your Ideal Life, the life you love! We all have some special talent, something we are naturally good at, something that others aren't good at but perhaps want to be and will pay for. What is that "special talent" you possess? What are you passionate about? If you are unsure then begin thinking about the things that give you real joy. Is it cooking, sewing, crafts, singing, thinking, writing, etc. Whatever it is, it's yours, and doing it brings you as close to your soul, your bigger inner self. The Great I AM. Isn't it worth discovering?

Question and thought to ponder: What would you do for absolutely free, loving every minute of it?


All the time in the world

As I was planning the remainder of the week, something resonated with me. It struck me and with it came a strong sense of urgency. I felt a “right now” feeling, which caused me to scrap my calendar and start with this thought in mind. In fact, I wrote this thought at the top of my calendar, on my notebook, and on a piece of paper I carry around daily. This thought caused me to rethink my everyday events.

Here’s the thought- If I average 7 hrs of bedtime (sleep) per night, work 40 hrs a week, include my commute, include “getting ready” time- I’m left with about 6 hours to do “whatever” activities. Now whatever activities include: family time, friends, personal development, social, health, nourishment etc. – Now, if you are off 2 days a week then you have more hours, but I figure (excluding sleep), that leaves about 3224 hours a year available for “whatever”.

Where is your time going? What are you doing with it? Are you happy with the way your time is being spent? Are you prioritizing your time? It has been said that we cannot manage time; we can only manage what we do with that time?

Balance in life is critical to achieving your “Ideal Life”. Play around with your numbers to see how much “whatever” time remains in the day- Then take out the calendar, start planning your Ideal Life.

Question and thought to ponder: If you had all the free time to do whatever you wanted, what would that be? Are you making time NOW to include this in your life?


The Bank of Imagination

We all have a bank with an abundance line. We are always making withdrawals, yet it can’t ever run out. This bank is called the Bank of Imagination. When we were born, the Universe (God, Allah, Higher Power, Spirit, or whatever feels comfortable to you) provided us with the ability to think. Equipped since birth, we have the ability to Imagine, Believe, and Receive- I like to call these three the Ideal Life Experience. So, we were given the gift of the imagination.

As kids in school, our teachers always said, “Use your imagination”. Somewhere as we’ve gotten older, the language of imagination changed. Now it’s “Stop dreaming” or “you’re living in a fairytale land”. In order to live our Ideal Life, we must call on the Bank of Imagination- we must begin using this wonderful, flowing, abundant ocean of hope, aspirations, dreams, desires all waiting to manifest In Your Life!

Let us begin, as with anything, with baby steps- let us go back to grade school. Begin affirming positive statements about the Bank of Imagination:

I have unlimited access to the Bank of Imagination
Abundance flows freely to me
I simply need to imagine abundance in order to receive its benefits
Whatever I can conceive in thought, I will receive its physical form.
The formula to my Ideal Life is so simple, I have it memorized: Imagine, Believe, Receive!

Question and thought to ponder: Are your thoughts leading you closer to your Ideal Life? Will you take a few minutes now to visit the Bank of Imagination?


3 Quick and easy Confidence Boosters

When we feel confident, it shows. When we lack confidence, it shows. People love to be around confident people. We trust them. We believe them, we feel better about ourselves because we absorb their energy.

Here are 3 quick and easy confidence boosters-

1. Look good, feel great: be a sharp dresser (new outfit, new bra, new pair of shoes), also lose 5 pounds this month. A little goes a long way

2.Let your body show your confidence: Stand up straight, walk faster, head up, eye contact and SMILE. Think of a funny joke from time to time, and smile smile smile!

3.Look inside for the answer: Strengthen your strengths, pursue your passion, improve your weaknesses

BONUS : Write a "Me" speech - Take a piece of paper and in the center write "ME" and circle it. Next begin listing all the things you like about you (similiar to a clock) and circle each. List talents, skills and successes. Then, give yourself permission to feel good about these things.

Recite your speech daily and whenever you need a boos of confidence!


Tear down this wall - Part II

On part I, I introduced the wall, as mentioned in the Bible, the wall of Jericho. The people shouted when the priest blew with the trumpets....the wall fell down flat.

So what is your wall. I've heard dieters mention hitting the wall, then gaining the weight that was lost, as well as a few more pounds. I've heard people express their committment to thei goals, dreams, aspirations, only to remain at their current level. So, how do we determine what the wall is, and more important how do we scale, jump, knock down, go around, go under, go over, this wall. Have we only to focus on the certainty of what's on the other side. I heard someone say, "Start with the end in mind". That's an interesting concept. I may add, " finish when you have reached the end". Simple words, but those additional few steps separate good from great, ordinary from extraordinary. Forget the wall, remember the end result

Question and thought to ponder. What does your completed journey look like? Do you see the completion or the wall?


The one I feed

I was just thinking about an old story I heard years ago. Often, when we need to "rehear" something our subconscious digs through all the files and calls up that file. The story goes like this -

A young man and his grandfather sat together discussing the current world conditions. The young man asked his grandfather what he thought of the goings on of the world. Grandfather replied, " I feel as though there are two wolves fighting inside of my heart. One is filled with anger, resentment, blame and frustration....the other is filled with love, peace, kindness and generosity". The young man asked his wise grandfather "Who will win the fight?". Grandfather replied........THE ONE I FEED.

What are you feeding today, who or what are you giving your energy to? What causes are you speaking up about, how many hugs were given by you today? Who will win? I love that the winner is the one I feed. We feed whatever has come our way. We feed it by talking about it, by thinking about it.

If you want conditions to change, to be better, feed what you want, let what you don't want starve.

Question and thought to ponder? Are you hungry for more life, more love, more peace, more happiness? What are you feeding?


Consumed by passion

What gets you on fire? What gets you going? If you had to spend your life doing one thing what would it be? Ok, lets play the what if game. If you had all the resources, the financial wherewithal to do, be and have anything - what would that "anything be"? What would your day look like? Can you imagine your Ideal Day, designed by you for you? Can you see it, do you hear the ocean waves against the shore, are you mid air in a private jet to some exotic location, are you laying under the starry starry night with your husband,your wife, your children?

Continue to imagine your ideal day, as vivid as possible. Do this often, perhaps just before falling to sleep, keep imagining until it's crystal clear.

Discover your passion by using your imagination. Visualizing not the how, not even the when, just see it, hear it, feel as though you are there, right this moment. Feel the wonderful feeling of being on fire about your life, your Ideal Life! Something amazing happens when we think about what we want, when we feel it now, when we bask in the wonderful Ideal begins to manifest! Since we become what we think about, think about your Ideal Life! After all they are your thoughts, aren't they?

Question and thought to ponder? What is your favorite color? Now look around for that color...see it? Imagine being able to immediately envision your Ideal you see it? You will


The Universe handles that part

Have you ever worked with someone who, when asked to do anything other than the bare minimum , would always cry That's Not My Job! Remember how that person became "that person" and they didn't even know. But, I challenge you - the next time you are imagining what you want and that internal saboteur named doubt creeps in, just say That's Not My Job. The Universe (God, Source, Soul, Higher Power, Great I AM, or whatever feels comfortable) handles that part. And feel good knowing your job is to get clear on what you want, to feel the feeling of having it Now, and to enjoy the journey. The saboteur will say - You cant do that, you don't know how, etc.. all LIES. Eventually the saboteur will be fired (just like "that person" at work). You are putting the saboteur on notice with every positive counter. You are recruiting a champion! The Champion will support your ideas, believe in you, and help you achieve whatever you want! So remember, everyone loves a Champion!

Question and thought to ponder: Are you employing a Champion or saboteur?


How long are you willing to hold your breath

This morning as I was meditating and concentrating on breathing a strange thought came to my mind. I decided to enjoy the thought and follow with any actions it prompted. The thought was more like a person, perhaps the higher source within. I shall refer to this thought or source as I AM, better yet "The Great I AM". The Great I AM said to me, " hold your breath as long as you can", so I did just that. While I held my breath I felt a calming peace, followed by a fighting desire to live. Now quite literally I sucked in the precious air, the sweet victory of NOW, the deliciousness of this substance that is almost ever present yet it's abundance seldom appreciated. At that moment, that moment of ecstasy, The Great I AM said, "The wonderful power, the treasure that is in everyone is always present, always there, always ready to rise to the occasion; Whenever you need a reminder, just hold your breath". What I discovered was to breath (live) like it's your last one. All day today I found myself in a thankful and grateful place. How wonderful to breathe, to live, to be aware of the Wonderful Now.

Question and thought to ponder, How often do you feel grateful to be alive? Hold your breath for a while, then answer.


The secret system called success

We often times think that successful people are lucky, or incredibly talented, or smart or etc... Did you know that like most anything else, success is a learned skill. In fact there is a secret system called success. Well it must be a secret because so few consider themselves a success. Of course success is in the eye of the beholder. I heard a great definition of success by Earl Nightingale......
"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal"

So then the 1st step of the secret system called success is to : have a worth ideal. This is where you begin asking those Who, What, When, Where questions, Imagine answering who am I, what do I aspire to do, be or have, when would I like to be, do and have, where does this take place.

Now, we are at step 2: Progressive realization (or work). This is the How part, this is the DOING part. The fastest way to get there is to start now. One may begin visualizing having, being and doing- Visualizing allows the superpower (subconscious) to bring the creative ideas to the surface (conscious) which leads to TAKING INSPIRED ACTION.

Thats it. That's the Secret system called success. Figure out your purpose or worthy ideal, then work to achieve it. Let nothing stop you. Keep reaching. Keep taking inspired action! Keep on keeping on.

Question and thought to ponder. If you have no plans, no destination, how will you know when you have arrived?


Success Thinking

Making a way out of a seemingly impossible condition is success thinking. Seeing the opportunity that is covered in "stuff" is successful thinking. The very next time an obstacle presents itself say- Oh yes there is a way, let me dig beneath the stuff. Oh yes I can feel the solution brewing, it's gonna be a good one.

Just simply choosing a different thought pattern, you begin to train the internal voice to be your Champion instead of saboteur. Just keep thinking, "How can I, because I know I can"- things begin to change, your creative super powered solutions oriented subconscious starts cranking out all the ways to overcome the "impossible"- Quite frankly impossible does not exist. Someone said....I can do all things....If this universe gives you the wherewithal to think it, then the universe has the wherewithal to bring it to pass.

That's the kind of thinking that propelled a poor southern black girl to become one of the most powerful, influential, trusted and loved women in the world- Oh did I mention she's also a BILLIONAIRE.

Oh yes we can.

What today will you say YES I CAN to?

Coach Valj