3 Quick and easy Confidence Boosters

When we feel confident, it shows. When we lack confidence, it shows. People love to be around confident people. We trust them. We believe them, we feel better about ourselves because we absorb their energy.

Here are 3 quick and easy confidence boosters-

1. Look good, feel great: be a sharp dresser (new outfit, new bra, new pair of shoes), also lose 5 pounds this month. A little goes a long way

2.Let your body show your confidence: Stand up straight, walk faster, head up, eye contact and SMILE. Think of a funny joke from time to time, and smile smile smile!

3.Look inside for the answer: Strengthen your strengths, pursue your passion, improve your weaknesses

BONUS : Write a "Me" speech - Take a piece of paper and in the center write "ME" and circle it. Next begin listing all the things you like about you (similiar to a clock) and circle each. List talents, skills and successes. Then, give yourself permission to feel good about these things.

Recite your speech daily and whenever you need a boos of confidence!

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