All the time in the world

As I was planning the remainder of the week, something resonated with me. It struck me and with it came a strong sense of urgency. I felt a “right now” feeling, which caused me to scrap my calendar and start with this thought in mind. In fact, I wrote this thought at the top of my calendar, on my notebook, and on a piece of paper I carry around daily. This thought caused me to rethink my everyday events.

Here’s the thought- If I average 7 hrs of bedtime (sleep) per night, work 40 hrs a week, include my commute, include “getting ready” time- I’m left with about 6 hours to do “whatever” activities. Now whatever activities include: family time, friends, personal development, social, health, nourishment etc. – Now, if you are off 2 days a week then you have more hours, but I figure (excluding sleep), that leaves about 3224 hours a year available for “whatever”.

Where is your time going? What are you doing with it? Are you happy with the way your time is being spent? Are you prioritizing your time? It has been said that we cannot manage time; we can only manage what we do with that time?

Balance in life is critical to achieving your “Ideal Life”. Play around with your numbers to see how much “whatever” time remains in the day- Then take out the calendar, start planning your Ideal Life.

Question and thought to ponder: If you had all the free time to do whatever you wanted, what would that be? Are you making time NOW to include this in your life?

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