The Bank of Imagination

We all have a bank with an abundance line. We are always making withdrawals, yet it can’t ever run out. This bank is called the Bank of Imagination. When we were born, the Universe (God, Allah, Higher Power, Spirit, or whatever feels comfortable to you) provided us with the ability to think. Equipped since birth, we have the ability to Imagine, Believe, and Receive- I like to call these three the Ideal Life Experience. So, we were given the gift of the imagination.

As kids in school, our teachers always said, “Use your imagination”. Somewhere as we’ve gotten older, the language of imagination changed. Now it’s “Stop dreaming” or “you’re living in a fairytale land”. In order to live our Ideal Life, we must call on the Bank of Imagination- we must begin using this wonderful, flowing, abundant ocean of hope, aspirations, dreams, desires all waiting to manifest In Your Life!

Let us begin, as with anything, with baby steps- let us go back to grade school. Begin affirming positive statements about the Bank of Imagination:

I have unlimited access to the Bank of Imagination
Abundance flows freely to me
I simply need to imagine abundance in order to receive its benefits
Whatever I can conceive in thought, I will receive its physical form.
The formula to my Ideal Life is so simple, I have it memorized: Imagine, Believe, Receive!

Question and thought to ponder: Are your thoughts leading you closer to your Ideal Life? Will you take a few minutes now to visit the Bank of Imagination?

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