Consumed by passion

What gets you on fire? What gets you going? If you had to spend your life doing one thing what would it be? Ok, lets play the what if game. If you had all the resources, the financial wherewithal to do, be and have anything - what would that "anything be"? What would your day look like? Can you imagine your Ideal Day, designed by you for you? Can you see it, do you hear the ocean waves against the shore, are you mid air in a private jet to some exotic location, are you laying under the starry starry night with your husband,your wife, your children?

Continue to imagine your ideal day, as vivid as possible. Do this often, perhaps just before falling to sleep, keep imagining until it's crystal clear.

Discover your passion by using your imagination. Visualizing not the how, not even the when, just see it, hear it, feel as though you are there, right this moment. Feel the wonderful feeling of being on fire about your life, your Ideal Life! Something amazing happens when we think about what we want, when we feel it now, when we bask in the wonderful Ideal begins to manifest! Since we become what we think about, think about your Ideal Life! After all they are your thoughts, aren't they?

Question and thought to ponder? What is your favorite color? Now look around for that color...see it? Imagine being able to immediately envision your Ideal you see it? You will

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