How long are you willing to hold your breath

This morning as I was meditating and concentrating on breathing a strange thought came to my mind. I decided to enjoy the thought and follow with any actions it prompted. The thought was more like a person, perhaps the higher source within. I shall refer to this thought or source as I AM, better yet "The Great I AM". The Great I AM said to me, " hold your breath as long as you can", so I did just that. While I held my breath I felt a calming peace, followed by a fighting desire to live. Now quite literally I sucked in the precious air, the sweet victory of NOW, the deliciousness of this substance that is almost ever present yet it's abundance seldom appreciated. At that moment, that moment of ecstasy, The Great I AM said, "The wonderful power, the treasure that is in everyone is always present, always there, always ready to rise to the occasion; Whenever you need a reminder, just hold your breath". What I discovered was to breath (live) like it's your last one. All day today I found myself in a thankful and grateful place. How wonderful to breathe, to live, to be aware of the Wonderful Now.

Question and thought to ponder, How often do you feel grateful to be alive? Hold your breath for a while, then answer.

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