The one I feed

I was just thinking about an old story I heard years ago. Often, when we need to "rehear" something our subconscious digs through all the files and calls up that file. The story goes like this -

A young man and his grandfather sat together discussing the current world conditions. The young man asked his grandfather what he thought of the goings on of the world. Grandfather replied, " I feel as though there are two wolves fighting inside of my heart. One is filled with anger, resentment, blame and frustration....the other is filled with love, peace, kindness and generosity". The young man asked his wise grandfather "Who will win the fight?". Grandfather replied........THE ONE I FEED.

What are you feeding today, who or what are you giving your energy to? What causes are you speaking up about, how many hugs were given by you today? Who will win? I love that the winner is the one I feed. We feed whatever has come our way. We feed it by talking about it, by thinking about it.

If you want conditions to change, to be better, feed what you want, let what you don't want starve.

Question and thought to ponder? Are you hungry for more life, more love, more peace, more happiness? What are you feeding?

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