Success Thinking

Making a way out of a seemingly impossible condition is success thinking. Seeing the opportunity that is covered in "stuff" is successful thinking. The very next time an obstacle presents itself say- Oh yes there is a way, let me dig beneath the stuff. Oh yes I can feel the solution brewing, it's gonna be a good one.

Just simply choosing a different thought pattern, you begin to train the internal voice to be your Champion instead of saboteur. Just keep thinking, "How can I, because I know I can"- things begin to change, your creative super powered solutions oriented subconscious starts cranking out all the ways to overcome the "impossible"- Quite frankly impossible does not exist. Someone said....I can do all things....If this universe gives you the wherewithal to think it, then the universe has the wherewithal to bring it to pass.

That's the kind of thinking that propelled a poor southern black girl to become one of the most powerful, influential, trusted and loved women in the world- Oh did I mention she's also a BILLIONAIRE.

Oh yes we can.

What today will you say YES I CAN to?

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