Tear down this wall - Part II

On part I, I introduced the wall, as mentioned in the Bible, the wall of Jericho. The people shouted when the priest blew with the trumpets....the wall fell down flat.

So what is your wall. I've heard dieters mention hitting the wall, then gaining the weight that was lost, as well as a few more pounds. I've heard people express their committment to thei goals, dreams, aspirations, only to remain at their current level. So, how do we determine what the wall is, and more important how do we scale, jump, knock down, go around, go under, go over, this wall. Have we only to focus on the certainty of what's on the other side. I heard someone say, "Start with the end in mind". That's an interesting concept. I may add, " finish when you have reached the end". Simple words, but those additional few steps separate good from great, ordinary from extraordinary. Forget the wall, remember the end result

Question and thought to ponder. What does your completed journey look like? Do you see the completion or the wall?

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