The Universe handles that part

Have you ever worked with someone who, when asked to do anything other than the bare minimum , would always cry That's Not My Job! Remember how that person became "that person" and they didn't even know. But, I challenge you - the next time you are imagining what you want and that internal saboteur named doubt creeps in, just say That's Not My Job. The Universe (God, Source, Soul, Higher Power, Great I AM, or whatever feels comfortable) handles that part. And feel good knowing your job is to get clear on what you want, to feel the feeling of having it Now, and to enjoy the journey. The saboteur will say - You cant do that, you don't know how, etc.. all LIES. Eventually the saboteur will be fired (just like "that person" at work). You are putting the saboteur on notice with every positive counter. You are recruiting a champion! The Champion will support your ideas, believe in you, and help you achieve whatever you want! So remember, everyone loves a Champion!

Question and thought to ponder: Are you employing a Champion or saboteur?

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