Will you open the door when opportunity knocks

We are bombarded with less that perfect news- Econonic woes, geopolitical conflict, war, poverty....opportunity, blessings, exceeding expectations, doing more, being more, having more. Yes all of this is everywhere, remember the cosmic law "What you focus on expands" - in short, we become what we think about!

So in very simple terms, you cannot "not" think of the Statue of Liberty, quick don't imagine the Mona Lisa. But, we can use this to our advantage, to gain the power to lead out thoughts toward our Ideal Life. Begin to think of success and it will begin to show up everywhere.Begin to visualize what you want, talk more about what you want, seek out what you ready to open the door of opportunity.

Are you aware that there is a difference in taking action, versus taking inspired action? Taking action simply means to act, to be busy...whereas taking inspired action means to act with purpose, taking action that feel good, that feels right, being detached from the outcome, just knowing this is the right thing to do.

Begin to feel the difference, take inspired action, what things in your life begin to change. Then you know you are living your Ideal Life.

Question and thought to ponder: Look around at where you are in your life, if just changing your thoughts could change your view, would you begin to think differently? PS This is the "opportunity knocking" - go ahead and answer

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