THE 10 gratefuls

On his particular Wednesday morning, I felt sleepy and not very excited about the day. As I lay in bed, I began drifting to my Ideal Life. My Ideal Life is just that, if all was exactly as I want - what would that look like, how would my typical day begin. As is drifted into the wonderful, I began feeling gratitude for everything in my life. This lead me to create the concept of "THE 10 gratefuls"

Here begins my daily morning ritual-

Begin to say aloud 10 thinks you are grateful for, and it can be anything you want to say. When this happens, the Law of Attraction takes over and it's like saying to the universe "more of that please", and as always- the universe responds "YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND".

My 10 Gratefuls for Wednesday 7/22/09
  1. I'm so grateful for the air I breathe
  2. I'm so grateful for this bed and pillow
  3. I'm so grateful for my cellphone alarm clock
  4. I'm so grateful for my feet
  5. I'm so grateful I can walk with ease
  6. I'm so grateful for my furniture
  7. I'm so grateful for hot water
  8. I'm so grateful for having somewhere to go this morning
  9. I'm so grateful for my arms and my muscles
  10. I'm so grateful for being able to read

Even in the midst of a storm, if you can decide to be grateful for the shelter- you have taken the step to changing the tide. Remember, you really have all the power, and all the power lives in the wonderful NOW.

Question and thought to ponder: What this second are you grateful for? How often today have you given thanks?


If abundance is real, Where's my Stuff?

Here is a quick lesson in abundant thinking and believing. Before we begin, here's a few questions

  1. Are you yet to receive things you've asked for?

  2. Do you read self-help books, watch "the Secret", meditate, speack positive affirmations

  3. What is one of your favorite activities? (reading, fishing, swimming,rock collecting)

  4. Do you believe that abundance is really real? (Abudance defines as an overflow, agreat or plentiful amount, an endless supply)

If you are like other people I've spoken to in my workshops and coaching sessions, you may feel that there is a disconnect between Asking and Receiving. After all , we are just supposed to ask, and the Universe is supposed to Answer, and we are supposed to Receive.

So, Where's my stuff!

Ok, first of all we have to check our "belief system". We have to believe that we can have whatever we want, #1, and we have to believe that abundance is really real, #2.

Ok lets discuss the Abundance is really real concept- Here's the "Abundance Lesson"- Answering the question above- what's some of your favorite activities? Lets use fishing as an activity: Answer these questions about fishing,

  1. Count the # of fish at your local fishing place (lake, river, ocean?)

  2. Count the # of fish in all the water in your city

  3. Count the # of fish in all the water in your country

  4. Finally, count the # of fish in all the waters in the world

Is it possible for you to exact those activities? Isn't it easier to know that because there is an endless supply it's really a silly waste of time to fret over not having enough fish to go around? Can you see how the Universe is really equipped to handle that task?

When you begin to trust that more that you can Imagine is available, you begin to relax and allow.

Now, does the universe know that you love fishing? Well, are you talking about how fun it is to fish, how happy you feel fishing, how blessed you feel to have discovered this wonderful activity OR are you talking about NOT having enough time to fish, or I would but I HAVE to work, or I dont have time to fish, or I need an expensive pole then I'll go, or it's too hot to go, or it's too cold to go?

Get clear on the experience you wish to manifest in your life, stay clear on the experience you wish to manifest in your life, remain clear on the FEELINGS the experience you with to manifest will creat in you--> become an expert in feeling as if and you will be able to answer the question "Where's my stuff"

The next time you feel the anxiousness of "where's my stuff" ask yourself:

  1. Do I believe in abundance

  2. Have I affirmed clarity instead of confusion

  3. Did I answer #2 with yes, but?

You already know what to do- Affirm instead of ask.

I read a phrase called P.U.S.H = pray until something happens. Also BUSH- Believe and affirm until something happens.

Make today Wonderful

Question and thought to ponder.When do you know when to stop repeating affirmations? When you get your stuff!


Never ask "Are you hiring"

Were your aware that June 2009 statistics indicate the U.S. Employment rate is 90.5%. Huh? Of, you may have heard it reported as..... The U.S. Unemployment rate is 9.5%.

According to :

In June, unemployment rates for the major worker groups--adult men(10.0 percent), adult women (7.6 percent), teenagers (24.0 percent),whites (8.7 percent), blacks
(14.7 percent),
and Hispanics (12.2 per-cent)--showed little change. The unemployment rate for Asians was 8.2 percent, not seasonally adjusted.

SO what does this mean for you and me, and your prospective employer? It means we all have to "step up our game", cowboy up, employ out of the box thinking, and "git-er-done".

Here are 5 TIPS to stand out, get noticed and GET THAT CAREER!

1. Never ask "are you hiring?" - all this says is you are tuned in to "WIIFM (What's In It For Me). Do you know what you prospective employer hears? "help me, i have no money, in need a job, i need you" - WEAK VERY WEAK

- wouldn't you rather convey this message: Your company will benefit significantly by adding me on the team, When are you available to discuss my value added partnership with you? - This conveys confidance, skill, assertiveness.

2.Know your Strengths - What skills and talents do you possess? What are you really good at doing? Empathy, listening, writing, communicating? - Once you know this info, determine how this fits into the company and position you are interested in acquiring.

- There are many free internet sites that will help you determine your strengths. A great book on this topic is Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath.

3.Research the company AND THE POSITION- research the company;pay particular attention to the mission, value statements, company culture, financial soundness, and growth. OK now, research the position you are seeking-

  • Review the "job description"

  • Ask others that have this position about the day to day (doesn't have to be the same company, and you can easily obtain this info via internet groups, friends, family etc)

  • In reviewing the job description- find out what characteristics are required to excel in this position, be thorough in this step

  • Review your strengths, is this a position well suited to bring out those strenghts, or will you have to struggle (if you are shy and this is a telesales position do you think you will be happy day in and day out?)

  • Decide why you want this position-determine if you are willing to hone in and improve the characteristics required to become successful in this position

4.Give yourself some love - Are you currently unemployed or under employed? Is that the reason you are looking for a new position? This is the perfect time to make lemonade from lemons. What is your chosen field? What skills are required to excel in that field? Since your status changed to unemployed, how have you "sharpened" those skills. If you are used to working 40-50 hours per week, and you are spending time seeking employment, why not spend some time increasing your skills- doing so on a schedule- something routine that indicates you ability to remain in the "I have a purpose" mindset.

Again, there are so many free resources available. Use them. Make some lemonade and stop sucking lemons.

5.Confidence 2.0 - rebuild your confidence by deciding to find the good in this not so pleasant moment in time. Remember that's all this is - just one moment in a long string of moments that are your life. Look at it this way, if you live to reach 90 years old thats about 32,850 days- how many days have you been unemployed? In the grand sheme of things, that's a relatively small number. The moments are just that, temporary moments in a long string. And it is reasonable to assume some of those moments will be great, fantastic and wonderful, and some not so great----> the are all just moments, plus it averages out good. Do something that builds your confidence:

  1. Lose 5 lbs, or put on 5lbs of muscle

  2. learn 500 words of another language

  3. create a me speech - this is a 30-60second speech, spoken in present tense, that describes your strengths. Memorize it, repeat it often, post it. Here's my "ME Speech"

I am a wonderful person who loves life and feels absolute joy, appreciation and relaxation. I am so energetic, smart, funny and so very beautiful. All that I have ever earned and will earn is because I know that I deserve it. I see opportunity everywhere and since I know abundance is real, I share my knowledge by adding value to those I encounter. I love me and feel gratitude for each and every waking moment.

Have fun and enjoy life!

Question and thought to ponder. What if I knew my real potential was to be a billionaire? What characteristics do billionaires have that I also have?


Follow your intuition

If something inside of you nudges you to do something, to say something, to call or reach out to someone etc. follow it. You can't ever imagine what - following your instinct- may lead to. Imagine that you are in need of some money. Your bank acct is low, as are your spirits. Somehow, you remember that abundance is real, and believing in abundance makes you feel a little better. Something flashes in your mind, about an old friend, indicating that you should call her/him. Now, this feeling is strong enough that you adhere.

Fast forward to you and this person meeting for lunch, she mentions something that you are interested in, she introduces you to someone else, and the chips begin to fall into place

Fast forward more, and you've been introduced to the person that "hires" you to do something that you are really interested in, or this person buys something you have, it short- the money you needed has come.

The key to this, and to accessing abundance, is to follow your intuition. It's ok if you cant see the how, remember that's not your job. Let God (Universe) in it's infinite wisdom, handle it. The Universe knows the easiest, quickest, most efficient manner to reach you. Your job is to believe in abundance and follow your intuition.

How do you know it's positive intuition,versus simply trying to will something to pass? How does it feel? If it feels labored, negative, not right, that's probably not intuition. When it feels more neutral, random, relaxed then that's probably intuition. Follow it

Question and thought to ponder. Are you in need of something? Are you focusing on lack or "how can I"- shift your focus and your view changes


Vision Boards- the window to your Ideal Life

What is a Vision Board? – A vision board is simply a tool where you display images of your goals, dreams and desires. A Vision Board is based on the Law of Attraction, whatever thoughts, ideas, or situations that you most give attention to will eventually appear in your life. This is the process of deliberate intent, creating your Ideal Life.
What is the Law of Attraction and how does it work?- The simplest definition of this law is "like attracts like."
So if you tune your thoughts correctly, your thoughts will begin to resonate with the very things you desire. And because like attracts like, the more you think about the things you want, the faster and closer they get to you. This is how the law of attraction works. The actual creation process comes from your beliefs (being), your thoughts, your words and finally your actions, in that order.

How do I create my vision board? Deciding to create a vision board is a wonderful step toward living your Ideal Life. You may need a few supplies:
· Get Poster board, paper, magazines, pictures, glue, inspirational phrases, thumb tacks- the key is to make this board personal so that it evokes good feelings.

· Words- what are your favorite words, your favorite songs, make a quick list of your “favorite things”

· Your Ideal Life – in a relaxed and easy manner, begin creating the story that is your Ideal Life. Imagine you have access to an incredible magic wand, with this wand you wave it and BOOM, you are living your Ideal Life. Paint the picture, what do you see, what sounds do you hear, how does it feel. If you can just IMAGINE YOUR IDEAL LIFE, you have already begun to manifest it.

· Once you have visualized your Ideal Life- begin placing pictures, images, words onto the board. Be sure to include pictures of yourself!

Deciding to use a Vision Board will bring these manifestations into your life at a level that is more “conscious” and therefore tangible. Thoughts are immensely powerful and ultimately advantageous; when used properly, a Vision Board is a very powerful tool.
Have you ever heard the phrase “you have to fake it till you make it”? Looking at your board will invoke feelings of already having it all. Imagining how it will feel to be further blessed will signal to the universe your thankfulness and appreciation.
Begin looking at your vision board often throughout the day. Remember, what you focus on expands, which means you will begin to see the physical manifestation of your desires, after all it’s what you are focusing on.

Also, you will begin to “feel” opportunities arise from “seemingly “out of the blue. Begin paying attention to your feelings, and when something just feels right- It’s the Law of Attraction in action, giving you the “how” part of attaining the physical manifestation of your dreams and goals.You can create vision boards with paper as well as digital. Digital picture frames work perfectly, adding a new dimension to the vision board. Also there are many computer programs that allow you to create “vision board” movies. The key is to do it in such a way that every time you view it, you create positive emotion.

The universe to man is but a projection of his inner consciousness- Kant

Question and thought to ponder. Can you see the benefit of having a vision board? Do you have one?

Is there a millionaire inside of you? 5 Millionaire habits

Do you have a millionaire dollars in your bank account? In the market? Not quite yet? We'll thats ok, neither do I. However I've studied famous millionaire's, my millionaire mentors, my millionaire clients, and my millionaire friends- and I've compiled a "millionaire toolkit of habits". Mastering these habits , according to several millionaire's, is what got them to that envied financial state.

  1. Follow your bliss- figure out how to make what you do fun, so fun that you want to share it with others, fall in love with your career, keeping a healthy balance between work and home.

  2. Focus- remain focused on your goals, write them down and review frequently. Get organized, and stay that way.

  3. Whatever it takes mentality- begin to act as though it were impossible to fail. Develop the mentality that says "how can I" instead of "why I cant". Remember, where there's a will, there's a way. Make a way. No exceptions

  4. Take risks- it's ok to do something different. You must take strategic risks to grow, expand your comfort zone making it so big that opportunity is everywhere. Then, believe that opportunity is every where- Make decisions quickly, and most important- DO SOMETHING

  5. More than one source- Multiple sources of income is a key criteria. Do a few thing great, keep moving with technology, offer different

BONUS: Give- Being a generous soul goes a long way. Mentor others in your field, mentor children, be available to others. Offer time, offer empowerment and offer financial assistance.

I have a millionaire mind, as do you!


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