THE 10 gratefuls

On his particular Wednesday morning, I felt sleepy and not very excited about the day. As I lay in bed, I began drifting to my Ideal Life. My Ideal Life is just that, if all was exactly as I want - what would that look like, how would my typical day begin. As is drifted into the wonderful, I began feeling gratitude for everything in my life. This lead me to create the concept of "THE 10 gratefuls"

Here begins my daily morning ritual-

Begin to say aloud 10 thinks you are grateful for, and it can be anything you want to say. When this happens, the Law of Attraction takes over and it's like saying to the universe "more of that please", and as always- the universe responds "YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND".

My 10 Gratefuls for Wednesday 7/22/09
  1. I'm so grateful for the air I breathe
  2. I'm so grateful for this bed and pillow
  3. I'm so grateful for my cellphone alarm clock
  4. I'm so grateful for my feet
  5. I'm so grateful I can walk with ease
  6. I'm so grateful for my furniture
  7. I'm so grateful for hot water
  8. I'm so grateful for having somewhere to go this morning
  9. I'm so grateful for my arms and my muscles
  10. I'm so grateful for being able to read

Even in the midst of a storm, if you can decide to be grateful for the shelter- you have taken the step to changing the tide. Remember, you really have all the power, and all the power lives in the wonderful NOW.

Question and thought to ponder: What this second are you grateful for? How often today have you given thanks?

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