Follow your intuition

If something inside of you nudges you to do something, to say something, to call or reach out to someone etc. follow it. You can't ever imagine what - following your instinct- may lead to. Imagine that you are in need of some money. Your bank acct is low, as are your spirits. Somehow, you remember that abundance is real, and believing in abundance makes you feel a little better. Something flashes in your mind, about an old friend, indicating that you should call her/him. Now, this feeling is strong enough that you adhere.

Fast forward to you and this person meeting for lunch, she mentions something that you are interested in, she introduces you to someone else, and the chips begin to fall into place

Fast forward more, and you've been introduced to the person that "hires" you to do something that you are really interested in, or this person buys something you have, it short- the money you needed has come.

The key to this, and to accessing abundance, is to follow your intuition. It's ok if you cant see the how, remember that's not your job. Let God (Universe) in it's infinite wisdom, handle it. The Universe knows the easiest, quickest, most efficient manner to reach you. Your job is to believe in abundance and follow your intuition.

How do you know it's positive intuition,versus simply trying to will something to pass? How does it feel? If it feels labored, negative, not right, that's probably not intuition. When it feels more neutral, random, relaxed then that's probably intuition. Follow it

Question and thought to ponder. Are you in need of something? Are you focusing on lack or "how can I"- shift your focus and your view changes

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