If abundance is real, Where's my Stuff?

Here is a quick lesson in abundant thinking and believing. Before we begin, here's a few questions

  1. Are you yet to receive things you've asked for?

  2. Do you read self-help books, watch "the Secret", meditate, speack positive affirmations

  3. What is one of your favorite activities? (reading, fishing, swimming,rock collecting)

  4. Do you believe that abundance is really real? (Abudance defines as an overflow, agreat or plentiful amount, an endless supply)

If you are like other people I've spoken to in my workshops and coaching sessions, you may feel that there is a disconnect between Asking and Receiving. After all , we are just supposed to ask, and the Universe is supposed to Answer, and we are supposed to Receive.

So, Where's my stuff!

Ok, first of all we have to check our "belief system". We have to believe that we can have whatever we want, #1, and we have to believe that abundance is really real, #2.

Ok lets discuss the Abundance is really real concept- Here's the "Abundance Lesson"- Answering the question above- what's some of your favorite activities? Lets use fishing as an activity: Answer these questions about fishing,

  1. Count the # of fish at your local fishing place (lake, river, ocean?)

  2. Count the # of fish in all the water in your city

  3. Count the # of fish in all the water in your country

  4. Finally, count the # of fish in all the waters in the world

Is it possible for you to exact those activities? Isn't it easier to know that because there is an endless supply it's really a silly waste of time to fret over not having enough fish to go around? Can you see how the Universe is really equipped to handle that task?

When you begin to trust that more that you can Imagine is available, you begin to relax and allow.

Now, does the universe know that you love fishing? Well, are you talking about how fun it is to fish, how happy you feel fishing, how blessed you feel to have discovered this wonderful activity OR are you talking about NOT having enough time to fish, or I would but I HAVE to work, or I dont have time to fish, or I need an expensive pole then I'll go, or it's too hot to go, or it's too cold to go?

Get clear on the experience you wish to manifest in your life, stay clear on the experience you wish to manifest in your life, remain clear on the FEELINGS the experience you with to manifest will creat in you--> become an expert in feeling as if and you will be able to answer the question "Where's my stuff"

The next time you feel the anxiousness of "where's my stuff" ask yourself:

  1. Do I believe in abundance

  2. Have I affirmed clarity instead of confusion

  3. Did I answer #2 with yes, but?

You already know what to do- Affirm instead of ask.

I read a phrase called P.U.S.H = pray until something happens. Also BUSH- Believe and affirm until something happens.

Make today Wonderful

Question and thought to ponder.When do you know when to stop repeating affirmations? When you get your stuff!

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