Is there a millionaire inside of you? 5 Millionaire habits

Do you have a millionaire dollars in your bank account? In the market? Not quite yet? We'll thats ok, neither do I. However I've studied famous millionaire's, my millionaire mentors, my millionaire clients, and my millionaire friends- and I've compiled a "millionaire toolkit of habits". Mastering these habits , according to several millionaire's, is what got them to that envied financial state.

  1. Follow your bliss- figure out how to make what you do fun, so fun that you want to share it with others, fall in love with your career, keeping a healthy balance between work and home.

  2. Focus- remain focused on your goals, write them down and review frequently. Get organized, and stay that way.

  3. Whatever it takes mentality- begin to act as though it were impossible to fail. Develop the mentality that says "how can I" instead of "why I cant". Remember, where there's a will, there's a way. Make a way. No exceptions

  4. Take risks- it's ok to do something different. You must take strategic risks to grow, expand your comfort zone making it so big that opportunity is everywhere. Then, believe that opportunity is every where- Make decisions quickly, and most important- DO SOMETHING

  5. More than one source- Multiple sources of income is a key criteria. Do a few thing great, keep moving with technology, offer different

BONUS: Give- Being a generous soul goes a long way. Mentor others in your field, mentor children, be available to others. Offer time, offer empowerment and offer financial assistance.

I have a millionaire mind, as do you!

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