Vision Boards- the window to your Ideal Life

What is a Vision Board? – A vision board is simply a tool where you display images of your goals, dreams and desires. A Vision Board is based on the Law of Attraction, whatever thoughts, ideas, or situations that you most give attention to will eventually appear in your life. This is the process of deliberate intent, creating your Ideal Life.
What is the Law of Attraction and how does it work?- The simplest definition of this law is "like attracts like."
So if you tune your thoughts correctly, your thoughts will begin to resonate with the very things you desire. And because like attracts like, the more you think about the things you want, the faster and closer they get to you. This is how the law of attraction works. The actual creation process comes from your beliefs (being), your thoughts, your words and finally your actions, in that order.

How do I create my vision board? Deciding to create a vision board is a wonderful step toward living your Ideal Life. You may need a few supplies:
· Get Poster board, paper, magazines, pictures, glue, inspirational phrases, thumb tacks- the key is to make this board personal so that it evokes good feelings.

· Words- what are your favorite words, your favorite songs, make a quick list of your “favorite things”

· Your Ideal Life – in a relaxed and easy manner, begin creating the story that is your Ideal Life. Imagine you have access to an incredible magic wand, with this wand you wave it and BOOM, you are living your Ideal Life. Paint the picture, what do you see, what sounds do you hear, how does it feel. If you can just IMAGINE YOUR IDEAL LIFE, you have already begun to manifest it.

· Once you have visualized your Ideal Life- begin placing pictures, images, words onto the board. Be sure to include pictures of yourself!

Deciding to use a Vision Board will bring these manifestations into your life at a level that is more “conscious” and therefore tangible. Thoughts are immensely powerful and ultimately advantageous; when used properly, a Vision Board is a very powerful tool.
Have you ever heard the phrase “you have to fake it till you make it”? Looking at your board will invoke feelings of already having it all. Imagining how it will feel to be further blessed will signal to the universe your thankfulness and appreciation.
Begin looking at your vision board often throughout the day. Remember, what you focus on expands, which means you will begin to see the physical manifestation of your desires, after all it’s what you are focusing on.

Also, you will begin to “feel” opportunities arise from “seemingly “out of the blue. Begin paying attention to your feelings, and when something just feels right- It’s the Law of Attraction in action, giving you the “how” part of attaining the physical manifestation of your dreams and goals.You can create vision boards with paper as well as digital. Digital picture frames work perfectly, adding a new dimension to the vision board. Also there are many computer programs that allow you to create “vision board” movies. The key is to do it in such a way that every time you view it, you create positive emotion.

The universe to man is but a projection of his inner consciousness- Kant

Question and thought to ponder. Can you see the benefit of having a vision board? Do you have one?

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