Is success attainable?

Do you have someone you look up to? Perhaps someone you believe is successful? Someone you admire for their attainment of success? I look up to Oprah Winfrey. Her life story is a wonderful story of triumph, positive thinking, determination and a "follow your bliss" attitude.

This begs the question, is success attainable? Is it attainable for you? Because that is the ultimate question- and what your belief system tells you- is the story.

Silly question #1, do you want to be successful? 99.998 out of 100 answer YES.

Silly question #2, do you have a clear mental image of what "successful" looks like? 10 out of 100 answer yes

Silly question #3, have you clearly written down your successful life story/along with short/longterm goals? 5 out of 100 answer yes.

Guess how many of the 100 are successful?

Wow, can you see the difference? Think of it this way, when you are hungry you begin imagine the taste and good feelings associated with eating- Whats your next step? Don't you figure out what you want, then either cook it or buy it?

What happens if you were to apply the same logic to achieving your successful life? Perhaps success?

Here's the quick formula for achieving success - Have a clear definition of what your success is, have a clear mental image of what it looks like (what do you see, hear and feel as you are living you ideal life), create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Relevant, Time based) short and long term - all with the focus on achieving your ideal life, Write down those goals! post them, memorize them, and ACT!

If you do this you will be successful

Question and thought to ponder

What have I been doing to become a success? Is it working?

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