Give it Away!

If you really really really (3 really's) want something - the best way to get it is to give it away. For instance, if you are single and you want to meet the person of your dreams then be the person of someone else's dream. By that I mean, be the absolute best co-worker you can be.Make people feel that you are too good to be true. (they may say, I must be dreaming, or you are a dream come true!) Be the dream (not nightmare) neighbor, mom, sister, friend, patient, customer etc. Show that you are so incredibly lovable, kind , generous, warm, sincere, and beautiful. Begin to show the qualities;the qualities you wish to attract in your vision of the person of your dreams. In others words, give it away! In doing so, you'll realize the thing you want, you actually already have. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see."

And guess what, you will attract what you focus your energy on and it will begin to show up in your life. The key is to be sincere in what you say and what you do, otherwise you will attract phonies!

Lets look at another example. You're a young man and you really want a Dad figure in your life. Give it Away. Be a mentor to younger kids in your home (siblings), in your neighborhood, in your church and at school. Give to someone else your genuine time,attention and love. The things you wish a to hear from "Dad" go ahead and hear them. Hear yourself saying them to those you mentor. Give love unconditionally to Mom, to the elderly lady down the block, to the kid at school that gets bullied. And if you are that kid at school that gets bullied.....ask yourself this question "What would my "Dad" tell me to do about this", or If I had to help someone with this situation what would I tell this person. Our subconscious mind is goal oriented. It seeks to find answers. Keep asking those questions and guess what- you will receive the answer that works FOR YOU!

Give it away. It's a simple concept yet extremely powerful. Just remember that there are universal laws that, if used positively, will help us have whatever we wish to be, do and have.

Today is the day to GIVE IT AWAY!

Question and thought to ponder

What do I really really really want? Why? And what does having that give you? Whatever you answered in the last question, give it away!

Coach Valj