How to pursue your dreams while working your 9-5!

How to pursue your dreams while working your 9-5!

Just how bad do you want something more in life? Do you have with you a strong desire to be, do and have more in your life? What is the thing you feel you were destined to do? Are you an aspiring motivational speaker? Artist? Life Coach? Teacher? Writer? Doctor?

Are you currently unable to walk away from a steady paycheck and go for your dreams? Believe me, you are not alone. Yet still the desire to pursue your dreams still exists. And once you’ve discovered your purpose, it’s damned near impossible not to follow it.

Make this teleseminar MANDATORY if:

1. You want to quit your job and follow your dreams...but you can't
2. You want to know how you can begin living your dreams NOW
3. You want to life on purpose, with purpose!

How can you juggle your 9-5 and at the same time pursue your dreams. I want you to know something, it is by NO ACCIDENT that you have dreams, and that you’ve discovered your purpose. We all have natural talents, strengths and things we are really good at. Those things show up at an early age and if you look at your life, they constantly appear. Isn't it time to begin the journey?

I’ve listed 10 tools to help you LIVE YOUR DREAMS in this informative teleseminar!

We will discuss:
1.Getting organized

2.Brainstorming the BIG BANG GOALS

3.Bitesizing the BIG BANG GOALS

4.Prioritizing and time management


6.Executing your plan and making adjustments along the way

7.Living effective habits and work those habits!

8.Daily feelgoods- affirmations and meditation

9.Positive happy people filling your space

10.Don’t ever ever ever quit!

RSVP TODAY and Begin living your DREAMS!

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