My Success be continued

The other day, I was reviewing my goals list and gearing up for a strong 2009 finish and a wonderful start to 2010 (The Best Year Ever) - As I began reviewing my occurred to me that I needed to complete a narrative, My Success Story. What a wonderfully inspirational took about 20 minutes and yet it really left a lasting impression.

This story was written based on things that really occurred in my past,seeing things the way I want them to occur, things that are occurring now....and goals, and dreams I am yet to accomplish - Everyting I read it I am reminded of 2 things:
1. How much I've already accomplished
2. How much I'm accomplishing even this very moment!

Enjoy and I hope this spurs you to write your own success story......

My Success Story

There once was a girl named Valarie Johnson. She was the 7th of 8 Johnson children. Her parents loved her very much and, despite their own problems, wanted her and her siblings to succeed in life.

Valarie was a really good student and had the natural ability to work independently and was a great problem solver. Little did she know this fact would one day come in handy….and make her a multimillionaire visionary later in her life.

As Valarie neared the end of high school, she decided she would pursue higher education, even though no one else in her family graduated from college. She always knew she loved to learn and loved personal development….again, clues to her later uber-success in life..

But, it wasn’t that easy, Valarie grew up with alcoholic parents and soon after leaving home for college, hundreds of miles away from home, she needed to fulfill some sort of attachment to the only family she knew. Alcohol was her connector and drug of choice. Valarie began drinking quite often, eventually every day. Her grades began to suffer and soon she was placed on academic suspension. Valarie thought she blew it!

For years she remained out of college, but not out of school. You see, her desire for learning and personal development never ceased. She still read everyday, reviewing her old textbooks and even taking quizzes and writing papers.

Then one day, she signed up for a free personal development self esteem class held at the local library. This class showed her 2 things (1) It doesn’t matter who your parents are or what mistakes you’ve made in the past, The Past is Gone!, Today, right NOW, you get to choose a new path for your life, (2) It also showed her how to apply for non-traditional student grants and little known scholarships to help pay for tuition. She did both.

Soon after that class, a new Valarie, more inspired, and motivated, began the journey, for the 2nd time, to achieve higher education. All the while, she worked the graveyard shift at factories and hotels, working some 50-60 hours a week, while attending college full-time.

Valarie went on the graduate, earning an associate, bachelors, masters and PhD.

Valarie Johnson also realized her childhood dream of being a stockbroker. Soon after earning her Bachelors degree, she began working at the , then prestigious firm, Merrill Lynch.

After a few years, Valarie was drawn to her passion for personal development. After some soul searching, she left the finance industry and earned a Certified Life Coach designation.

Valarie’s mission was to share her story with those who knew there was this wonderful life waiting for them to explore. She wanted to help them begin the wonderful journey to the wonderful now.

Valarie, Dr.Valarie Johnson, went on to publish 6 books on the subject of personal development, all of which made it the New York Times Best Sellers List, each reaching the #1 spot!

Dr. Valarie also opened The Wonderful Now Personal Development Center with locations all over the world. The center joins together life coaches, healers, yoga instructors with eager participants, co-creating a world of inspired, healthy and motivated individuals pursuing and living their dreams!

Also Dr.Valarie met and married her soul mate. Together, they share a 8500 sq. ft Loft in downtown Atlanta. Dr. Valarie loves driving her 1989 Grand Cherokee Waggoner. And this year she made another dream come true by donating $1,000,000 (million dollars) to NPR (National Public Radio).

Dr. Valarie, despite all the setbacks in her life, realized all of her dreams, and continues today living her Ideal Life!

It is achievable!

Coach Valj