Don’t like CHANGE……Leave it HERE!

Were you aware that our MIND and BODIES are programmed for self-preservation and survival? It’s why many of the essential aspects of life occur on autopilot. You’ve never had to be reminded to “make sure your heart is beating”, or to breathe, or to close your throat when breathing from the nostrils.

The architect of the Universe created us with these autopilot features and also we are creatures of habit….again wired for survival and we all tend to develop certain routines for many daily activities. We generally wake at a certain time, brush out teeth in a certain way, drive along the same route to work, have a certain number of cups of coffee….etc etc etc.

If everything remained the same, just as it is now, would you be able to say your life is wonderful, exciting and just the way you imagined?

You and I were born with greatness in mind. The only way to fulfill this greatness is to EMBRACE CHANGE. In fact, seek out CHANGE; after all,….it’s happening anyway. All day everyday, moment to moment, change is occurring. And would you believe….Change, enough of it, can make you a rich person! So, are you willing to OWN YOUR SHARE?

Here are 8 steps to OWNING YOUR SHARE OF CHANGE!

1. Recognize that change is happening all the time – every second of your life you are changing. Because it’s on autopilot, your don’t resist it…but its happening. Every second, you are changing-> getting older, wiser?, grayer?, more intellectual, hungrier, sleepy, happy, annoyed?, literally as the seconds tick YOU ARE CHANGING. – Think about this, in your short lifetime (whether you are 10 or 100 you went from about 2lb or so to xx times that, unable to speak to speaking, immobile to walking…and all in a relatively short period! And you didn’t resist. Don’t resist now.

2. Make CHANGE natural – just like the examples above, you didn’t resist because you didn’t analyze it. It was just a natural extension of the life experience. Continue that same philosophy, go with the flow. Keep the idea of change as simple as possible. Understand that it really is a natural extension of you.

3. Recognize the power in change – are you aware that all power lives in the NOW? We can remember the past, but can’t go back and change it, but we can use the power of NOW and CHANGE our current conditions. Even a baby step forward is forward progress.

4. Proactive change is better than chocolate- No one wants to be told what to do, no one. We love to chart our own path, navigating our own waters…..that’s why it’s so important to be a proactive participant in the change process. By doing so, you are calling the shots, you are owning the situation. And when you own something, it’s yours to do as you please. This is the essence of making lemonade when handed lemons.

5. Find the GOOD in CHANGE – While change can be scary, unknown and uncomfortable…if you look deep within you can discover the GOOD (Golden Opportunities On Demand). When presented with change , ask yourself 3 questions:

A. How does this change benefit me?

B. How does this fit into the grand scheme of my life?

C. What can I do to embrace this change?

Implementing this train of thought will help you find the GOOD that change brings.

6. Be grateful for change – as you begin finding the GOOD that lives in change, also adopt an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for the excitement that change brings. Be grateful for the learning experience, be grateful. Period.

7. Love your circumstances or CHANG E them – Are you complaining or rearranging? Are you holding on to what you don’t want, or are you embracing what can be- Love where you are or change it. Step by step, you can change your circumstances- stop complaining, start changing.

8. It’s your choice – Since you are now aware that change is happening every second, it’s your choice whether to embrace it or not. Your life would be so much happier and on purpose when you can accept change, own change, find the good in change, and be the change. After all, you already are!

Begin today, seeing change as an exciting, rewarding and new experience. By simply embracing change, you are taking control of your life- you are accepting the inevitable, and you are inviting wonderful experiences! Today is a new day, full of change. Enjoy!

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