GOAL ACHIEVEMENT 2010 - LIFE ASSESSMENT WHEEL'm in the process, over the next 7 days, of creating my 2010 Goals. In years past I have set "overall goals" and have met success......but not spectacular, stellar success.....So this year is different. I've decided to use specific tools to aid in making 2010 the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Now, are you excited about making 2010 your best year? And you get to decide what "best" means for could mean the best earnings year, the best year in terms of conquering a self limitating belief, or anything in between.

Remember this fact, right now is all we ever have. Life is a series of "right now" moments and once there are gone...they are NOT coming back- all the power lives in the NOW and that's why NOW is always the perfect time to make things happen! So, aren't you NOW ready to make things happen NOW?

The Life Assessment Wheel is a great way to create LIFE GOALS for 2010 and beyond. This assessment breaks down our lives into 9 pieces of a wonderful pie - the areas include:
Fun and Recreation
Money and Finance
Physical Environment
Personal Growth
Health and Wellbeing
Significant Other

The object is to complete the quick assessment and create a visual of where you are now. Next begin creating a plan of action that leads to where you want to be......then DO IT!

The best way to tackle big goals is to create mini goals and then take action to achieve those goals.

I already know you are ready to live your Ideal Life! With a little help.....and simpl by reading are well on your way!

Question and thought to ponder: Fast forward 1 year into the future, from this very date. Imagine that everything over the past year went exactly as you planned- everything was as successful as you imagined. What happened? What does your life look like now? How did you do it?


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