No More Band- Aids on Gaping Wounds

Don't bring the bad into the elevens......
Here we are on the brink of a new year..a new decade...and a NEW YOU!

No more band - aids on gaping wounds
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It's time to look into what's stopping's time to address the problem and embrace your personal power.... it's time. Ray Dodds writes

"Your deepest beliefs about everything hold your attention and propel you into action,
or keep you from taking action"

As you read through the close attention to what you are feeling..any discomfort or anxiety...feelings are our "GPS" systems indicating what lives beyond the surface...those beliefs that propel or keep you from reaching for the stars.......AND TOUCHING THEM!

Overweight - unable to play with kids, feeling too unattractive get a boyfriend/girlfriend
Shy - letting others run your life
Fearful - staying in a bad relationship, bad job, unsafe home
Lazy - have an idea but feel paralyzed to take action...yet another missed opportunity
Broke - missing out on vacations, a decent car, things you really desire
Miserable - mad when it's sunny, mad when it rains, just merely existing rather than living
Stuck - Can't quit the job cause you need the money, can't start the business cause you need money, can't leave him because ...'we'll you just don't understand'
Alone - Year after year no one to share love with

The band-aids .......Cabbage Soup Diet, Cookie Diet or other latest diet craze, making excuses, justifying, making everyone else miserable, saying that there are just 'no, good men/women out there' , taking out loan after loan after loan, complaining, having a bad attitude, buying expensive equipment only to watch it collect dust....

No more band-aids on gaping wounds....change the beliefs, and then the thoughts, actions and circumstances change everything else!

Make 2011 DIFFERENT...make it the year where you dig beyond the surface.....
Seek help and not just the easiest, quickest more band-aids on gaping wounds.....

Let 2011 be your Year of Healing

PS here's 3 great books to help you along the way......

The Power of Belief by Ray Dodd

The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson


The Million Dollar Necktie

This is just a quick post about stepping into your greatness....we all, every one on us, are filled with wonderful...unique strengths, talents, and abilities.....but we are also creatures of habit which means we tend to live in the SAME OLD SAME OLD!

One must get comfortable with fear, with the unknown, with something different....if you ever want to go beyond where you are....embrace newness now.....welcome change, get comfortable with stepping into the spotlight, speaking up, making suggestions, following hunches, creating plans, taking significant action on those plans....declare that today is your day....that 2011 is your something now so that you're comfortable with the greatness to come!

Today I wore a tie..because I always wanted to and I thought it was too manly, or people would talk about me, or it would "mean something" about who I am.....we'll I decided to FIRE the excuses and get used to stepping out...doing something different....and I feel like a million bucks! All because I felt the fear and did it anyway!

If you are intending to Make 2011 the best year of your life....start today, feel the fear and do it anyway- take a step BEYOND something, do something bold, do something TODAY....I did!

Commit to Making 2011 The Best Year of Your Life!!! get used to the way that sounds, feels and looks! 


It's time to get FIRED!

Today I've officially, without doubt, no question, COMMITTED, to making 2011 the Best Year of my Life! The 1st powerful step was to FIRE every excuse that I've gainfully employed for the previous 30+ years of my life! Those excuses kept me:
  • overweight
  • living paycheck to paycheck
  • lacking confidence
  • feeling of "not being good enough"
  • afraid to take chances
  • from living in abundance and freedom
I recorded every excuse that I've uttered out loud, thought repeatedly and stated about myself.....I wrote them down and BURNED every one of them...gone, not to come back, fired, I burned the bridge! I'm finish with excuses that have served me poorly and kept me from my great inheritance....

Here's the process:

Take out a piece of paper and crumble it. Now open it and begin writing
  • List every excuse you've used've used your entire life
  • One way to 'conjure up' those excuses is to say ...I would lose weight but...... or I would start my own business but......., I would have a husband if ........... I would get in shape but ..............
  • Continue until you have exhausted all the excuses you can think of
  • Take this list and know that the only thing that has stopped you from achieving and living the life of your dreams is because you believed the excuses listed on this piece of crumpled paper....
  • Take the crumpled piece of paper and BURN it! In a safe environment take this piece of paper and burn it leaving nothing but the ashes
  • From this moment on, decide that you will no longer employ excuses!
  • Begin now to start asking yourself How I can instead of listing reason why I can't.
  • Live now in a state of owning your life...developing an action plan for goals, dreams and desires
Anytime you feel the need to employ excuses simply remember the visual of the burned crumpled paper....and all the joy, peace, love and happiness it has kept you from enjoying.....

Decide that this is your year, this is your best year ever, this is the year you step into your greatness, your clarity, your beautiful body, your new business, your love, your family, your peace!

When you FIRE excuses and employ (FULL TIME) solution oriented thinking...wonderful things begin to happen....and will it happen all at once? Maybe, maybe not but here's a quote that will help you along the journey to your BEST YEAR EVER!

Though most of us probably can't climb Mt. Everest today, almost all of us can begin training to climb Mt. Everest today!

Fire your excuses and make 2011 your best year ever!

CoachValj's Clarity for 2011!

It's FREE! It's FREE! It's FREE! It's FREE!


No matter what the statistics say, you are an exception to the rule

In the history of the world...all the the seconds...there is one awesome fact:
There will never be another you
WOW, let that marinate for just a moment.
You are a unique fact, you're it! How wonderful. You are a unique magnificant creature. You just as you are, you right this moment, you

Cool, eh?

From the coaches corner:
I am not limited by statistics; I am unique.

I am a unique individual whose value is set by me, not by society. My social status, health and intelligence are exactly what they are meant to be, and it all works for me. I am exceptional and an exception to all rules set by others.

Society often sets the rule that attractiveness equals a lack of intelligence, but I am the exception to the rule. I am both attractive and intelligent.

The medical world tries to set rules regarding health and outcomes; I am an exception to those rules, too.

There may be many statistics that makes assumptions about the majority, but what those stats don't take into consideration is that no two people are exactly alike. There is always an exception to the rule.

Even if I fit a specific statistic, I still feel that I am an exception. I do not like to be considered average. I soar above! You cannot shove me into a majority because I stand out from the crowd, not blend in.

I am, and always will be, the exception to the rule because I am not made out of average material.

Question and thought to ponder

What are the many ways I am exceptional


What goals have your soul set for you?

What goals have your soul set for you?

Are you a goal achiever….moving along through life's obstacles with determination, stamina, perserverance…you have a clear vision of what “success” looks like to you…are you marching confidently in the direction of your dreams…….have you been marching for a while, with peaks and valleys. Highs and lows?

Do you ever feel frustrated or not 100% clear on whether you are perfectly on course, or ever ask yourself “When is it MY TURN!”….feeling like you’re doing everything right but this “success” is always just beyond the reach of your outstretched (sometimes overworked) hands……..

I’ve a few question for you:

What process did you use to set your goals (life-long term goals?)

With whom did you consult?

How do your goals relate to your core values?

What is your personal motto?

Are they specific to an area of your life or do they encompass all areas (money, career/business, health, spiritual,family/friends,

Do the goals you set reconcile with the goals your soul has set for you?

There is an all knowing source….one universal mind…within each of us, we are all one. It’s energy, core authenticity…peace, calmness, oneness…soul….and this source, this oneness, this universal mind has purpose for everyone. And your goals are in support of your purpose, they support your core values, they accentuate your unique strengths and talents….there is this magical wonderful “puzzle” in which all the pieces fit together to create this lovely and awesome journey called life….

When your personal goals match the goals your soul has set for you extraordinary things happen in your life….SO how do you know your souls goals……it’s the same formula that we’ve witnessed in “The Secret”….Ask, Believe, Receive

Step 1: Ask your soul to enlighten your conscious thoughts to reveal with clarity your purpose…Ask literally in meditation…listening, experiencing and feeling whatever presents itself. Review the exercises outlined below:

What did I want to be when I was a kid?

When am I in my happiest state?

What activities am I really good at performing?

What activities do I really enjoy?

What do I recall family, friends and others saying I’m good at? (You’re really good with words, your hands, etc)

Complete a simple comparison/contrast worksheet to gain further clarity

Complete a core values analysis

Step 2: Believe in your essence that what you desire, you already are…and the physical manifestation is already here and now….enjoy rather that want…and here’s how

Review your current goals and pick one that you would love to have right this moment

Ask yourself the following question : -

What would (--------) give me that I otherwise wouldn’t have? Once you have this answer, ask again about that, and once you have that ask again about the next thing.

After a few times you’ll be left with a feeling…. (perhaps one of your core values?)

If you want to build the belief muscle, begin now feeling that feeling! The more you feel it now, the more you get into vibrational alignment with that which you desire….And you can affirm “All that I desire I am” with confidence, with belief and with the calmness of certainty….and that’s what makes the physical manifestation of your desires happen.

Review your actions today, this week, or this month. Now ask yourself, do those actions reflect the actions of someone who exemplifies (------) feeling? What can I do or how can I alter my normal routine in such a way that I feel (------) feeling, that I exude this feeling, that I embody (-------) feeling?
An ever so slight shift in routine has the potential to make a world of difference

Step 3: Receive your desires by living the goals you soul has set for you. Life is a true gift..the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. The fact that you are able to read this right this moment, is indisputable evidence that you are deserving of your life's dreams. So why not choose to enjoy the gift, choose to live in authenticity of our core values, in celebration of our unique strengths and talents…and recognize the Universe is giving to you that which you ask for and that which you believe you will receive.

Affirm to yourself “ I am willing to receive all the good that comes to me”…then graciously receive.

Question and thought to ponder

Are you ready to uncover and live your souls passion?
Send a message for 1-1 consultation (facebook)
Metaphysical Laws are any spiritual truths that, when applied to one’s life, can result in the manifestation of success and happiness. When one understands and applies these laws, ones life changes! In my efforts to learn, grow, share, be, do and have…..I pass along a few to you

The Law of One Mind – There is but ONE mind in this universe that is the creating principle behind each individual mind. We are all one, from one, inner connected!

The Law of Universal Plenty – The ONE mind possesses all good within itself. The answer is you by virtue of your connection to the ONE universal mind.

The Law of Permanence and Non-Permanence – The only thing permanent is the Eternal Universal Mind (God), which contains all good with it. Any “negative” conditions in your life are only temporary;by placing your mind on the eternal good, your conscious is raised above the level of any negative conditions and thus outgrowing the problem

The Law of Love – as you treat another, in truth, you treat yourself. There is only ONE MIND and thus ONE LIFE. Do good to another and good will return to you, and it may not come back from the original receiver – it is an rxtension of the one life which you are a part of

Meditate daily to keep the intuitive channels open and don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked from the goals your soul has set for you.

Question and thought to ponder:

What goals have your soul set for you?


5 years from now

From Coaches corner..............

My tomorrow is dictated by my actions today. How I act today is the blueprint for my future. Daily, I spend time reflecting on my actions and attitudes in order to alter my habits. I practice good habits because they breed success.

I choose to use my time wisely. Therefore my time is spent on activities that benefit me. Every decision I make is carefully thought out and evaluated because I am committed to shaping my future. In the end, I choose to do only that which brings me closer to my goals.

I focus on what I can control and release myself from unnecessary pressures. I control my reactions and I react with wisdom in order to live free from regret. Doing so allows me to enjoy the fruit of my hard work in serenity and peace.

My future is well planned because I set high standards for myself. I know where I want to go in my career, relationships, and other areas of personal growth. My plan includes strategies on how to become and achieve more.

When I think of where I am going, I am filled with enthusiasm. I am proud of where I am today because I know it is just the beginning of greater things to come. My future is a place that I face with expectation and uncontainable anticipation.

Today, in every decision I make, I am conscious of my future well-being.

Question and thought to ponder: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you don't have a clear vision, isn't it time to get one?


Why having PETS is your best tool for success

What are your PETS I mean Positive Emotional TriggerS.
In this world of "unemployment fears..economic woe's, terror threats and political bickering" can easily forget just how good life is....LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD.,...if we can see beyond the turmoil and witness the beauty that surrounds our everyday...for example here's 5 FREE GOOD things that we can express gratitude for....
1.Fresh Air
2.Fresh Water
5.The 5 senses

When was the last time you expressed gratitude for sight, or hearing, or feeling? Gratitude is the way to achieving the next "step" your dreams....and getting into the state of appreciation starts with getting your PETS!

Positive Emotional Triggers induce within you a state of HOPE, Feeling Good, Kindness and helps you get closer to the source of your true authentic self.

Your PETS are personal to's whatever makes you feel it a song, a phrase, a texture, a movie, a sound, a picture.....whatever it is...once you identify your PETS you can begin actively seeking to FEEL GOOD. And this is a FEELING UNIVERSE...what you Feel Bring About!

Here's some of my PETS: The finale song (Pappa can you hear me) in the movie Yentl, babies laugher, the memory of making my high school softball team, Queens "We are the Champions", my feet rubbing against carpet, the ocean, dipping my feet in the ocean, giving gifts......

If you were to begin thinking about things you LOVE, your PETS, you are inviting amazing into your life!

Question and thought to ponder: What are your P.E.T.S


All you Need is LoVE

Life’s most Important Question: The cure to all there is…….

Disclaimer: If you begin reading this and you feel uneasy or uncomfortable……. PLEASE READ ON: You are who I wrote this for. I was you…and something terribly critical to my personal success, was missing…This was the missing piece for me, and maybe, if you’re open, it may fulfill the missing piece for you too.

Would you be willing to invest 2 more minutes to find out?

There’s a great song….witten years ago…I’m sure you’ve heard it…
All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

PLEASE READ ON: Don’t give in to the uncomfortable….you’re almost there!

All you need…to achieve your dreams, to reach beyond your imagination, to achieve that “unbelieveable” level…..all you need, you already have inside you. It’s in the other higher you, your powerful source….I like to call it The Great I AM! …..And when you are quiet enough…..your next step (in the journey to fulfilling your dreams, goals, successes) will be revealed…..Because you’ve quieted the noise enough to HEAR.

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

What is the “noise”? The noise is the sound of confusion that keeps you away from your dreams…’s the doubt you entertain, it’s the complaining you speak, it’s the anger you hold onto, it’s the fear you allow to rule your life, it’s the hopelessness you feel when something doesn’t go your way……it’s the noise that keeps you from your higher self…..Isn’t it time to quiet the noise?

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

How can you quiet the noise? All you need is love. Love is all you need. And you can do so by asking yourself a question…..asking this question throughout the day…throughout the night….before making your next move…..before everything you do….begin to think from love, act from love, feel love and offer love……by asking

How can I give more love today, even this very moment?” (then do it)

How can I show more love, even this very moment?” (then do it)

“To whom can I give more love, even this very moment?” (then do it)

“Where can I plant seeds of love, even this very moment?” (then do it)

“What can I express in love, even this very moment?” (then do it)

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

PLEASE READ ON: Don’t give in to the uncomfortable….you’re really almost there!

There was a time in my life when I “hated” that song…hated that word….hated that idea….hated me…hated that it was missing in me…in my family…in my everyday world….I longed to hear it… see it expressed….to feel in genuinely…to know that I was worthy of seeing, hearing and feeling it….to think is it possible… imagine someone could love me……to know that someone does love me….to know that I could love some one… know that I do love someone….to BELIEVE, KNOW, FEEL that I LOVE ME…..I love me and because of this…I love you too…..

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

Are you feeling this? Are you knowing that all you need is love? Self Love? Are you feeding yourself love? Are you willing to? It is reported that everyday we experience 60,000 + thoughts per day….are you willing to consciously think (trust) love?

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

All you need is love, all you need is love…love is all you need……

Question and thought to ponder:

When you feel that you are ready……go to , in the FREE RESOURCES and download your “All you need is love” Journal……take 4 minutes from your 1440 to connect with love……I’d love to hear your experiences after focusing intently on …!


The God-Power dream

This morning I woke up to laughter. It was hearty laughter. The kind that is innocent, warm, pure and filled with absolute certainty....just laughter.....the kind that leaves your stomache hurting.....on this day, that laughter greeted me as I awoke.....the funny and cool part is......

I was the one laughing. I was laughing in my sleep....and it was so loud I woke me. Very Cool Indeed....So what was so funny (that's the cool part) my dream was revealed to me the secret to MY success. And the secret was so simple it made me laugh. And it was so profound it kept me awake and prompted me to
  1. Remember this dream
  2. Recognize the calmness of certainty
  3. Take immediate action
  4. Share with others
#1 Remember the dream - I have a list of specific life goals and dreams that I intend on accomplishing. I created this list years ago and many of the things (events) have come to me. Over the last 6 months, things have really begin happening with lightening speed....yet there are a few things yet to come and I have asked (why not now)....well in my dream I was walking along in a beautiful forest. I felt calm, at peace, relaxed, awesome, inspired.....I felt this way because I was walking along a path- just had a feeling this was the path to my personal view of success.......As I walked along I began having doubtful feelings (I'm not worthy, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough), and each time I had this feeling/thought I lost my place on the path....became confused, my vision became blurry...and the more I entertained the thoughts, the further from the path (the path of certainty,calm,peace,love) the true path i ventured.

As I continued down this "false" path, I began looking UP....there was a mirror there in the sky and I saw myself... I really saw myself.....I say my beauty, my spirit, my success, my kindness, my heart, my love, I saw my intelligence, my drive, my willingness, my strenths, my abilities..... I saw GOD-POWER inside me.......Then I looked forward and I say me goals already completed....I saw the things (events) that were on my list...I saw the easy, quick, wonderful path was was perfect, it was always there- but I couldn't see it.....Finally I realized I had on glasses (rose color glasses)....and I heard a wonderfully, genuine, beautiful, pure voice that said................

- You are the key to your success. You are the architect of your life, the captain, the owner, the one true path......You need only Imagine and Believe - Look UP not around to quiet the false truth...wear the glasses of GOD POWER so that they become you......when you take them off, you will always "have them on-inside"...Keep the truth near and you will always always always remain on path to your dreams! -

#2 - Stay tuned for my upcoming book - The Calmmess of Certainty - Allowing the truth to really set you free, into abundance, happy, and peace. It's time to enjoy the journey!

#3 - Take Action Immediately....DONE

#4 Share with others- As you read this post I encourage you to realize
 the answer for you...the answer is you..YOU are in charge of your life.......believe it or are the KEY. Learn to listen to yourself, learn to grow, learn to love yourself, learn to appreciate yourself, learn to be happy on the path, learn to recognize what feels good and what feels not-so-good......You are the answer!

Question and thought to ponder:
Have you imagined your Ideal Life? What stops you? (The answer is you)? What starts you (The answer is you) can I help?


I'm in the NOW!

Today is Monday. Today is Monday April 5th. Today is Monday April 5th 2010.....Today, no this very moment, will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! Is this a powerful revelation or a scary one? How are you spending your NOW's? Are you choosing to spend NOW on loving the moment, or on shoulds woulda's?

How do you's a simple test. How do you feel right this moment? What are you thinking? Everything that you do is done in the right now- isn't it time to STOP the regrets, STOP the shoulds's, STOP wishing you hada.......isn't it time to START feeling powerful! START appreciating the uniqueness of this very moment....START feeling good NOW......

When you choose to enjoy the journey, you can relax and know with certainty that the Journey is the prize...

One of the most poweful and inspirational books ever written was the Tao te Ching, written some 2500 years's my favorite chapter and number (33).....

 ......Knowing others is intelligent. Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
         Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.
            If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich........

Question and thought to ponder

How much of your NOW did you spend feeling good and appreciating it....and how much did you spend thinking about the past and planning the future? Are you willing to give yourself some NOW time, now?



Inspiring others: It is what it is!

Just a moment ago, I heard someone say...The greatest gift we can give to others is to inspire them to believe that anything is possible and that It really is Achievable!

Powerful words, powerful thoughts, powerful feelings, powerful LIFE. Are you aware is achievable? And are you aware that IT is self directed....You get to decide what IT what is IT for you, it is what it is......
  • Great health
  • A loving wife or husband
  • Kids
  • A new Lexus
  • Loving Friends
  • the end of loneliness
  • business success
  • a net worth of over $1,000,000!
  • freedom from addiction
  • 6 figure book deal
  • the promotion
  • successful new business
  • peace in your home
  • etc., etc., etc.........
Are you familiar with affirmation - (simple statements that affirm something in you or your life)...well the constant self-talk and chatter is also affirmations too.....if you were to consider affirming "It Is Achievable" then for you, it really does become achievable!

One of the best things you can do today is to repeat to yourself (day in, day out) ...It is Achievable, It is Achievable, It is Achievable, It is Achievable!!! It's extremely powerful to look into the mirror and repeat this also....and how much MORE will you accomplish when you believe in your heart that It is Achievable.....

You can have the life of your dreams, one dream at a time...when you begin to say YES to life!

I welcome you to your Wonderful Life! I welcome you to believe It Is Achievable!

Question and thought to ponder?

What is the IT for you? Have you affirmed positively that you can have your IT, or hve you affirmed you can't have IT? Are you believing that your attitude toward achieving IT determines when you will have IT?

Monday Motivational Moments is a great tool to help you get clear on what you want....and provide the motivation to go for it! Every Monday 6:30PM - 7:00PM EST (free workbook with questions, TOP 10 lists and lifework assignments - visit : join for free, download workbook, call in, participate, live your Ideal Life)

Your Ideal Life: Belief + Action = SUCCESS

I've decided to live successfully. Boom, that's it! I've decided....burned the bridge of failure, eliminated can't from my vocabulary, decided to own the remaining 1440 minutes everyday for the remainder of my days on earth! I believe it's possible.....I'm taking action to make things happen.......I've clearly defined what SUCCESS means to me....And even as I type...I feel the energy of NOW..I'm focused on what I am. what I want, and who I'm becoming......

And if you want to be, do and have your definition of can create it the way you want it! You can BREAK YOURSELF FREE....with what you have now, with where you are now...if you Decide it!

The 1st step in building a successful life (business, career, etc) is making a decision to do so. The word decision comes from the  Latin root decidere , which means to cut off from. When you MAKE A DECISION, you CUT OFF all other possibilities. So the first step is to go from "trying" to creating your powerful decision .....and developing your Decision Statement

Once you've crafted your decision's time to create your Belief Narrative..this is the recognition of the wonderful you! Do you know that you are wonderful, and you deserve success? When you know you do...then you will have success in your life!

These two steps are critical to living your Ideal Life and deciding your success!
Are you in need of assistance in creating, crafting and developing your Success or visit to schedule your Complementary Success Session. Isn't it the perfect time to be successful?

Question and thought to ponder

What have you determined your life to be? Are you creating things or reacting to your environment?


Opportunity: The process!

Life brings new opportunities every single day! When we create the habit of taking advantage of those opportunities...we become the successful person we were meant to become!

What are you meant to be.....what are you focusing on....what are you inviting into your life.....what are your new opportunities today? 

Here are 5 key points to utilizing the process of opportunity in Action:
  1. When you focus your energy on gratitude for seeing another day, and believing opportunity to be, do and have exists, you will See It Everywhere...and if  we develop smart goals then we have the flashlight shining on the opportunity even more!
  2. Choose to see each day as a new day with possibilities. Think about this, the day before you bought your 1st car you were limited to either where someone would take you or where you could catch the bus....The day after you bought your car, the world opened up....what a difference a 1440 makes!
  3. Develop your own unique time management system. Everyone gets 1440 minutes perday, or as I like to say 1440 GiFts per are you "managing yours"? Are you losing track of some of your 1440?
  4. Recognize each day as a GiFt, get clear on your SMART Goals......keeping in mind K-A= 0... that means Knowledge without Action equals NOTHING! Don't exchange your 1440 for nothing!
  5. Life is full of choices: Take back your power by acknowledging how you fill your 1440 is up to YOU. You choose to go to that job or business or to stay at home, you choose to live where you are living, with whom you are choose all of that....When you become aware that everything in your life is there by invitation...then you can UNinvite UNwelcomed people, things, events and circumstances!
Question and thought to ponder:

Can you think of 1 or 2 opportunities that "showed up" today...will you?

My possibilities are ENDLESS...and if mine are...SO ARE YOURS!

"There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in it's original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the Universe! "

Thoughts are things.....we have the ability to think.....think anything we want......therefore

"There is one thinking substance upon which all things are made!"

Life really is an exciting journey....and it's so much more powerful, enlightened, wonderful, and fun when we understand that we are all connected by spirit...and by thought...and that we are all spiritual beings with enormous thought power......WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE! It's important to hold that image of being a powerful spiritual being connected to the source of all there is and will be......begin to feel good, to let go and let Source provide the pathway to ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Isn't it time to step out of the confort zone? Discover new strengths? New talents? New possibilities? Isn't it time to take action, not based on fear...but based on faith! Not based on physical vision...but on spiritual vision.....We choose to choose...,we can choose excellence, we can choose empowered thoughts...we can choose to feel good, and we can choose to walk closer to our Spiritual Source who is the source of all there is and will be........and since we are all have direct access to all that is and will ever be....YOU, ME, EVERYONE WHO SHALL ASK....everyone who chooses to Imagine, Believe!

I believe My Possibilities and ENDLESS...and since mine are....SO ARE YOURS!

Question and thought to ponder:

Do you believe that limits exists? Limits of how much you will be, do and have in your life?
If so, who set the limit? To whom can you petition to increase the limit?

If you believe your possibilities are ENDLESS, how and what are you doing NOW to prove your belief?

A baby-step closer to the more successful you

Can you imagine, today, this moment, running a marathon? I mean this moment, walking away from your computer...walking out the door and running 26.2 miles?

Well even if you are in marathon shape, I'll bet there are a few things that need to occur before you just start running....those steps are critical to your success...those steps, the preparation....the baby-steps are important, and will ,to a large degree, determine your level of success........And taking baby-steps in the direction of your goals lead to the more successful you!

In preparation for running a marathon, you, naturally, access where you are physically, what equipment (proper shoes, sox, running clothes etc) is needed, what training schedule to follow...and so much's the same in achieving your life goals and ultimately your Ideal Life.

Every step in the direction of your dreams gets you a step closer to reaching them...even baby-steps get you closer to your the successful you! Each quarter mile walk...mile walk....2 mile jog...5 mile jog...10 mile run....1/2 marathon.....gets you closer EVERYDAY to touching, experiencing,feeling, enjoying, living, completing that marathon! You deserve it..............

One of the most important baby-steps, which is also the easiest step, is to imagine your completed goal......Imagine completing the marathon, imagine living your Ideal Life- get vivid in your vision, write the narrative of your it visible for you to review daily, read it BEFORE you begin the next baby-step...this is the "Start with the End in Mind" process.....when you begin taking the next step in completing your goal, if you start with feeling the good feeling of the desired end result, you should be able to say...I feel encouraged, I feel inspired, I feel motivated, I feel relaxed, I feel enthusiastic, I feel this goal is achievable and I'm taking action and it feels good to do so......

Having those feelings as you take steps will make those steps so much easier and exciting and more fun....than saying ok I need to get this done, or I better hurry and do this, or I'm tired but I knew it was gonna be hard work........sure you may still complete this on purpose is all about feeling good.....and achieving goals feels good, right? I'm telling you that the process of achieving those goals (the work) can feel good also.....if you intend it so!

Your dreams are have the power to achieve your ideal be the successful you.....and if you took baby-steps everyday in the direction of your dreams, you will achieve each and every one!

Question and thought to ponder:

What do I wish to accomplish? Do I have a really clear vision of my completed goal? When is the last time I reviewed it before I took the next step?


The Confident You! - Achieving Excellence One thought at a time!!!

Here's the #1 question my coaching client's ask ..........

How can I get the confidence to take action in my life.................

I love this question because it gives the problem and the solution!

Because I've been asked this question so many times, I've decided to put together a comprehensive workshop that will allow you once and for all to silence the doubt and allow The Confident You to emerge........"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly"

I'd love to invite you to:
  • Live the life of your dreams
  • Take inspired action confidently in the direction of your dreams
  • Trust in your natural gifts, talents and abilities
  • Tap into your innate unstoppable confidence
  • Get that well deserved promotion, find your soulmate now, dare to pursue your dreams, speak up and claim your wonderful life now
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Question and thought to ponder:
What have you missed out on out because you lacked the confidence to take action? How much more are you willing to lose?

Further....Faster......Thank you

Today I watched Joel Olsteen and he talked about the God of acceleration......what a wonderful vision. As I listened I imagined God working behind the scenes of my life....creating the path to YES when all I could see was HELL NO. I kept imagining my completed goals and I kept seeing this spiritual loving genius effortlessly lining up everything EXACTLY as needed, so that I would reach out and find myself living my dreams......All I can say is "God is Awesome".

Earlier today, and every Sunday, I tune out for about 4 minutes. I lay on the floor, in complete silence, and simply think about the wonderful awesome power of God. I simply ask for guidance, I live ...for those 4 awe and gratitude and peace in God's loving warmth.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get quiet and allow the higher source, the universe, willingly give His divine direction. And when we hear God, when we listen to His direction, when we seek Him....our blessings manifest faster and our life dreams exceed our biggest expectations......

Further...Faster.....Thank you...I surrender all.

When we take the time to first seek spiritual connectedness, "seek ye first the kingdom of God", we experience the further..faster...blessings. Do you think Oprah Winfrey dreamed of being a multi-billionaire? Or was she blessed through her adversities because she sought spiritual connectedness first...and dared to believe...and decided to surrender all? Do you think Steve Harvey imagined hosting a #1 rated morning show, being a NY Times best-selling author????, and now nationally recognized as a relationship you think he could see that far during his divorces......Further...Faster...Thank You...I surrender all...
And seeking God does not exempt you from experiences of adversity and hardship. In fact, it is during these test..that the testimony develops! Remember:

When you're down to nothing, God is up to something!

So what do you desire for your life? What do you believe is possible in your life? When will you "seek ye first the kingdom of God"? When will you go Further than you could possibly imagine.....when will you get there Faster than you could plan to......when will you meditate the words Thank you to the greater source of all that is and ever will be.......and when will you truly be able to live the mantra....I Surrender All......

Question and thought to ponder:

How's everything going for you in your life? Instead of looking to others , have you looked up lately?


Your 68 second success story.....changes everything

Today I attended an "Abraham" inspired meeting. During this meeting we discussed the art of creating, achieving and living your Ideal Life.....during this meeting I heard an exercise called 68 seconds of pure thought. This is a revolutionary positive thinking process that takes......68 do...This process entails:

1. looking at what is (something you are dealing with or that is not exactly what or how you want it to be)
2. acknowledging the emotions or feelings around what is
3. asking what needs to happen around this so that I now see it, experience it, and it feels good
4. Imagine this has happened. What now exactly what you want it to be
5. Speak your new if it's happening right now
6. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings as you tell this "new story" you feel more empowered, powerful, hopeful.......if not that's just means you haven't released all the resistance....simply do it again...Imagine this situation has turned around and it's exactly as you want it to be....tell me about it...tell me your success story......

This is an extremely powerful process that shifts your thoughts....into the direction of what YOU WANT...rather than what you dont want............and Thoughts Are Things! What you think about you attract into your life!

Also by applying this process, you begin to activate the "How can I" mentality...instead of  "Why I cant", and HERE's THE BENEFIT OF THIS PROCESS....................
you position yourself to:
1. Feel better
2.Invite things that make you feel better to come into your life
3.Invite attention because this process sets you up to receive divine intervention, in the form of "inspired ideas" or GOD Ideas.....a way to make your success story happen in your life.

Here's what happened to me along these same lines
I have a goal of writing 1 e-book ,approx 50 pages, per quarter. I determined I could write about 15-20 pages per month or 1 page every couple of there I had a specific plan in place.....

As I started writing it was going OK, but not easy or relaxed or inspired....after about a month I decided this isn't working...I need to have a deadline but I also need to feel I chose to IMAGINE that I have completed my e-book.....I chose to get in touch with why I want to write the e-book..then I fast forwarded to Imagining the book was complete.....I began the 68 second success story (at the time I called it something different)..and I experienced the feelings, right now,of having completed this e-book. After several minutes of this feeling I let go...I relaxed and went about my day, convinced that I will complete my e-book, and the perfect divinely inspired "how" will's the WONDERFULLY DIVINELY INSPIRED THOUGHT......though when it came at first I didn't quite get it.......a few days passed and the word "confidence" popped into my mind......not once...not twice but a several times over the course of the day.......later in the evening I opened my laptop, opened microsoft word and typed the word confidence......What happened over the course of about 4 hours was NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE.......I wrote and completed my e-book/journal/class guessed's titled The Confident You! Achieving excellence one thought at a time! .......

There's power in this process....this is a pathway to tapping into the higher source.....the spirit of the Great Almighty....the willingness of Universal Abundance...who wants us to feel good, feel joy, feel peace, feel abundance......feel powerful, feel energized, feel motivated, feel on purpose with purpose...joyous and grateful for this and all experiences in the wonderful the awesome gift of life itself!

Live in the zone of happiness....use this process to get there!

Question and thought to ponder?
In the 1440 minutes of a day....or the 86,400 seconds in each and every day....don't you feel you're worth 68 seconds of self created joy...simply by creating your success story? Remember this the next time you feel as though something is not what you want it to be.....then do it.....intend it...speak it...feel better...make it so.

Please consider reading more about Ester and Jerry Hicks and the powerfully enlightened Abraham...visit for additional information.


What's in your toolbox?

What's in your toolbox- your toolbox for success? And most importantly, are you willing to invest in yourself and your order to achieve your Ideal Life?

The 3 absolutely most important tools (and these are FREE) are the following:
(1) Time
(2) Imagination
(3) Belief
in addition to the above, you also should have:
Service minded
Fear (yes fear)

I have a mantra in my toolbox that is invaluable. This mantra has allowed my to double my income in the past few years, has given me the courage to stand up and ask for what I deserve, has given me a beeline to success and My Ideal Life! .........And it is my pleasure to share this mantra with's very simple, profound, and potentially life it is.........throughout the day I say the following:

Imagine, Believe, Recieve.It is Achievable

That's it in a nutshell. I just sing this sing, speak these words, write them often, and hear them resonate in my mind and feel that it is achievable.I simply need to Imagine, Believe and Receive! Here's a really powerful question I'd like to ask you......What do you believe is possible for you in your life?

When you imagine your Ideal Life, what do you see? Could you develop a crystal clear mental image of your Ideal Life? Have you chosen to write this into narrative format? When you have achieved your goals how will you know you have? What's different to show that you really have?

When you take an inventory of your (success) toolbox.....what's in there? I want to share with you a few things....(1) time is precious and EVERY ONE receives the EXACT amount 24 hours/1440 minutes/86,400 seconds - - - these precious treasures are available to are you using your's?

(2) Everyone has the gift of "thought" and everyone can use this gift to when you use thoughts to IMAGINE your ideal's like, no it is, sending your confidant request to the ultimate catalogue..THE UNIVERSE (GOD ALMIGHTY)....stay in this world of imagination. What happens when you imagine driving your perfect brand new car, or walking across the stage to receive your degree, cashing those royalty checks, walking through your fabulous new mansion, vacationing on the beach..feels good eh....if you can do 1 think today, and every day hereafter....just IMAGINE. Just Imagine and you will receive an AHA, or inspired thought to take inspired'll know it when it happens!

(3) Being aware of your thoughts, actively choosing to imagine, and repeating your mantra daily will all assist in building the BELIEF muscle. Repeating the same words, playing again the same thoughts, no matter what it is, you will begin to believe use this to your advantage!

Repeat the mantra, stock your toolbox.....IMAGINE BELIEVE and RECEIVE your Ideal Life!

Get clear on your "Ideal Life" image, review it daily, feel it, repeat it often. feel it, experience it and Live your Ideal Life!

I believe in you and I am well aware ...It is Achievable

Question and thought to ponder:

Do you have a clear image of what you desire to achieve in life? Is your (success) toolbox equipped with what you need to reach your goals?


The birthplace of creativity...and solutions!

Today as I watched the news I listened to the "woes" of the economy. The Unemployment rate sky high, wages 6 feet under.....and everything in between....I had a thought, or better yet an AHA moment. The moment was spurred on by a statistic I heard a while back -

" More individuals became millionaires during recessionary/depression era economic times than during so called booming economic times"

Hmmmmm...why is this the case?

This brings me to the AHA moment: The following sentence resonated in my head,

"Your brain is the birthplace of creativity"

WOW! So what does this means (to me) that we have and have always had the power to create our lives, our circumstances, our solutions and our personal WEALTH! And it makes perfect sense that desperate times calls for desperate measures........

Think of something you're good at...something relatively easy such as hemming pants, changing tires, reading, painting, cleaning the stove, cleaning cars, speaking in public, dancing, braiding hair, making signs, great handwriting, cleaning baseboards, putting together furniture, playing WII basketball, polishing furniture,organizing,fundraising, tweeting,setting up blog/facebook/twitter accts... etc.

So here's where the creativity comes it. Right now, go out and find someone who will pay you to teach them to do what your good at....or pay you to do it for them...or BARTER what you're good at for what they are good at. Use your brain to be creative.

Scenario #1: I'm really good at changing I

1. Call my daycare and offer to come out 1 afternoon a week showing single moms how to change their tire....for $5 (or more or less) per person...or for a discount on daycare (even $5 is better than 0) or

2. Contact my apartment complex and offer to hold a class to show people in the community how to, you guessed it, change their tire......or

3. Look up local non-profit agencies in your area, ones that specialize in single moms or women, and ...once again...offer to show the ladies how to change a tire. Focus on empowerment and education and good will come to you!
And if you're worried about liability, you can easily print a liability waiver and have everyone sign.

Scenario #2 : I'm really good at setting up facebook/twitter/blogging and other social I

1. Go to dinner at a local restaurant. Pay attention to see if anyone there ask for your email address, or directs your to their fanbook page or blog or twitter. CONGRATS, you just found a customer. Gather some statistics about the "free real estate" known as the internet. Go to the library and read up un closing the sale or the art of coldcalling. Next, go back to the restaurant, at nonpeak time, and offer your services - show then how much they stand to earn with repeat customers based on something so simple as , you guessed it, having a blog, fanpage and twitter account. You can charge a one time fee, an ongoing fee, hourly rate, rate based on percent of sales creative!

2. Rinse and repeat!

Now, you come up with a few...use that creative brain of yours! Take action confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Remember- you get to decide your life. If you use what you already have, then you enter into a world full of possibilities!

Question and thought to ponder:

What am I really good at and who could benefit from this?


Conspiracy Theory! -

Recently, I was introduced to a seminar that started out with the following statement:
When I pursue my dreams, the Universe conspires to help me achieve it
WOW. Did you ever think you had this much help in reaching your dreams? The Universe (also known as God, Higher consciousness, Spirit...) has the perfect, most efficient way to get you to the next step to achieving your dreams.Do you believe this statement?

When you rely solely on your own understanding , you miss the whole other milllions of millions of millions of possibilities to accomplishing your dreams. We receive what we ask for. The key to achieving your dreams is to ASK EMPOWERING QUESTIONS.

Here's an example: Lets say you are interested in asking your co-worker on a date. You get the impression she is interested and you are too. However, when you imagine asking her out you think, "She will say no, she doesn't like me, I'm not good enough for her". By saying (thinking) those words, it's just like saying to the Universe "I'm not good enough, show me and prove to me this" - The Universe answers and you begin imagining situations in the past where you experienced shortcomings, failures and feelings that (you guessed it) you weren't good enough.

What if you were to CHANGE the Question: Same scenario except when you imagine asking her out you think "I'm a great catch, a kind, loving, gentle handsome person. I'm sure I have great things to offer" - The Universe answers and provides you with examples to match. In turn you feel confident and it shows!

This same philosophy works with achieving your dreams.When you pursue your dreams, the Universe conspires to help you achieve it. In addition to asking empowering questions, you must take action when inspired to do so. Focus on your dreams, on achieving dreams, and watch the awe of the Universe and her power.

How does one activate the power of the Universe?
(1) - Get clear on your dreams, your desires, your goals.

(2) - Fast forward into the future, you've accomplished your goals, your desires and your dreams. How are you feeling? (Feeling good? ) Keep this feeling.This is the perfect starting place. Get in touch with the end desired result. Just stay here by visualizing this place, feeling the feelings, seeing the image, hearing the source provide you with the next logical step

(3) -Take inspired action with the end in mind. If you really really get in touch with your future self having completed the desired goal, having already achieved your dreams....this is where the creative source (the Universe, God, higher source) speaks to you the next step.....It is in the quiet of certainty, the quiet of calmness, the quiet of faith that the good ideas take a back seat to the God ideas.

The God ideas are those that take you to the best, most effective, perfect path to achieving your desires!

The Universe has an abundance awaiting for you. Tap into it (it's already within you) and go confidently in the direction of your desires!

Question and thought to ponder:
Are you clear, crystal clear on what (NOT HOW) you wish to accomplish in my life?

Your 1st experience of the day....

How was your day today? Was it awesome......great....productive.....ok.....sad....or was it "just another day"?

Were you aware that your day was exactly what YOU DECIDED it to be?

Ok, I can imagine that reading that was a little tough..after all I don't know your situation, your wife (husband), your boss (the jerk!), your lazy co-worker (who just got MY promotion).....and so on...BUT I'm asking you to think about this statement:

We get to decide - Because we decide our thoughts, and though someone can do something irritating to us, We get to decide HOW we will react....We get to decide....Have you ever considered this notion.

When you begin to believe that your life REALLY IS IN YOUR OWN begin to access the power of change, the power of creating your life, the POWER given to each of us.

One of the easiest ways to understand and learn this concept is to begin each day with a specific theme - The theme of FEELING GOOD and DECIDING to feel good. After all, you guessed it, we get to decide.

A friend recently revealed to me her "process" of deciding her day:
When you awake in the morning, do not step 1 foot out of bed until you can honestly say " I am grateful for this day and I FEEL GOOD and blessed to enjoy it" - only after she has said this statement does she allow herself to get up and begin her day

She decided to FEEL GOOD, and decided this is the ONLY WAY she would be able tobegin the day!

I'm asking you to consider your 1st experience of the day....intend it to be a wonderful day, or a productive day, or a loving day....or all 3....but INTEND it and see the day as the gift it is.

Each day is a blank canvas, you are the artist. Create your masterpiece!

Question: How was your day.....How will you spend the precious gift of tomorrow?


January 31st 2010

And here we are.....the last day of the 1st month of 2010.

How has your month been? Are you still blazing the path of your "New Year's Resolutions"? Feeling motivated? Encouraged? .........or Are you experiencing a continuation of 2009?

If you are not exactly on track with your goals, it's ok.....there's still time to get focuses, get clear, and get on track to achieving your Ideal Life.......

Are you interested in getting on track, getting focused, feeling inspired and motivated??

It is achievable and I'd love to help. For the first 10 days of Februry I'd love to offer absolutely FREE (no obligation) coaching sessions....This is my way of fulfilling my personal mission of helping all individuals achieve their Ideal Life- so by accepting this FREE coaching, you are really doing me a favor.

Thank you so much! I owe you one.........

Once you read this post, imagine what this is all about, and ask yourself "what's the catch", why not schedule the session and find out for yourself........It can literally change your Life....

Here's the how:

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Email or call or visit website today.....Isn't now the right time to now begin living your Ideal Life?

Question: Am I doing anything different than I did last year?

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, everyone can start now and make a new ending.


Are you on Fire for your dreams...or just burnt OUT?

On fire for your dreams?

What is your motivation? What are you passionate about? What turns up the heat within you? What are your dreams?

Dreams are very important. One may think of creams as assignments in life. What tools are available to assist you in achieving your “Life assignment”

1. Belief Power: Believing in your dreams provides the power to make those dreams come true. You believe things anyway….you believe Monday follows Sunday….After 12:59 comes 1:00….the sun eventually comes out again, despite the rain… why not believe in your dreams!

2. Taking action: If you do something, even 1 seemingly small thing, everyday, then everyday you’ll get that much closer to achieving your dreams. Even the world’s greatest Olympic Gold Medal track stars started off with baby steps! And baby steps will take you all the way up Mt. Kilimanjaro if you keep moving!

3. Keep it HOT: Begin to recognize what you are passionate about, talk about it, feel it, share it and do it…get HOT about it (Hands on Target)Keep focused on your dreams…and just do it!

4. Plan: Now that you’ve determined what you’re passionate about, you’ve begun taking action, staying focused on your dreams, keeping it hot….it’s time to plan a course of action- Now you’re already taking action (taking about it, imagining having already accomplished your dreams), but lets streamline activities by creating a detailed action plan.

When you dream, dream big. Imagine it, believe it and Receive it!

Question: What will you do today, this very moment, to pursue your dreams?


Who said that!

Self-Talk 101: Affirmations for Living your Ideal Life

Affirmations are powerful tools that help you get comfortable with the notion of achieving and living your Ideal Life. Affirmations are positive statements, stated in the present tense, that are spoken out loud. The goal of affirmations is to reprogram the subconscious mind, removing negative thoughts, and replacing them with positive, motivational, uplifting and natural thoughts.

We all have self-talk occurring, already going on again and again in our minds. This voice comes from our parents, siblings, environment, teachers and other sources. This self-talk includes common “negative” theories such as:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“I’m not good enough to…..”

“Money doesn’t come easily”

“Rich people are corrupt”

All of this creates our internal mindset. We can have a mindset focused on abundance, prosperity, goodness, kindness, wealth, peace, and love…..or we can have a mindset focused on fear, hatred, skepticism, and anger. The fact remains, we get to decide. And affirmations provide a valuable tool with which to create a new mindset.

There’s an old Cherokee story ………

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Which will you feed?

Here are some key points to creating your personal affirmations:

1. State your affirmations in present tense

2. Make your affirmations personal, using I

3. Make the statements positive, in the mindset of what I want rather than what I don’t want.

Use the affirmations daily, post them in frequently visited areas of your home (mirror, refrigerator, TV), memorize your affirmations, repeat them often and you will develop a new mindset.

Affirm your Ideal Life! Live your Dreams!


GOAL ACHIEVEMENT 2010- Is it in you?

Goal Achievement 2010: Specific GOAL achievement process in which we review life balance, internal belief system, motivational DNA, your success story and creating SMART Goals. The purpose of Goal Achievement 2010 is to create the blueprints to achieving your Ideal Life!
Included in your GOAL ACHIEVEMENT 2010 PLAN:
Ø Personal Assessment (Wheel of Life)
Ø Motivational DNA
Ø Examining your Belief System
Ø Creating your SWOT Analysis
Ø Writing Your Success Story (includes free E-book)
Ø Creating SMART Goals 101 (including SMART action forms)

Are you ready to live on purpose, with purpose?
Are you ready to live the live you CREATE?
Are you aware that it is possible to live the life you’ve imagined?
Did you know, It is Achievable!

This is the plan for you!


The Question is the Answer!

I had a conversation with my best friend and she is unsure about this "Law of Attraction crazy stuff" and she asked me.....It seems like everything is going your way, and if it doesn't you seem you find the good in everything.

I asked her to explain more- She went into a discussion that had a very clear theme- "I don't know why this is happening to me" - After listening to her, I knew the answer was the question.....

What are we asking of the Universe? Are we asking empowering questions or are we asking questions that make us feel UNinspired?
The power is and has always been in the question...the question is the answer- ask the right question (our job), and get the right answer (the job of the Universe)

The next time you feel under the weather- DON'T ask " Why do I feel so terrible" - Instead ask "How can I feel much better"

Are you looking for your soul mate- DON'T ask " Why can't I find a good man/woman" - Instead ask "What can I do today to align myself with Mr./Ms. Wonderful!

Ask empowering questions....get empowering answers!

We are always in control of this process- The Universe always gives us the answers TO THE QUESTIONS we ask. So the simple solution is...if you aren't getting what you want....ASK DIFFERENT QUESTIONS!

Change your thoughts....and everything else changes! 

Coach Valj