Are you on Fire for your dreams...or just burnt OUT?

On fire for your dreams?

What is your motivation? What are you passionate about? What turns up the heat within you? What are your dreams?

Dreams are very important. One may think of creams as assignments in life. What tools are available to assist you in achieving your “Life assignment”

1. Belief Power: Believing in your dreams provides the power to make those dreams come true. You believe things anyway….you believe Monday follows Sunday….After 12:59 comes 1:00….the sun eventually comes out again, despite the rain… why not believe in your dreams!

2. Taking action: If you do something, even 1 seemingly small thing, everyday, then everyday you’ll get that much closer to achieving your dreams. Even the world’s greatest Olympic Gold Medal track stars started off with baby steps! And baby steps will take you all the way up Mt. Kilimanjaro if you keep moving!

3. Keep it HOT: Begin to recognize what you are passionate about, talk about it, feel it, share it and do it…get HOT about it (Hands on Target)Keep focused on your dreams…and just do it!

4. Plan: Now that you’ve determined what you’re passionate about, you’ve begun taking action, staying focused on your dreams, keeping it hot….it’s time to plan a course of action- Now you’re already taking action (taking about it, imagining having already accomplished your dreams), but lets streamline activities by creating a detailed action plan.

When you dream, dream big. Imagine it, believe it and Receive it!

Question: What will you do today, this very moment, to pursue your dreams?

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