The Question is the Answer!

I had a conversation with my best friend and she is unsure about this "Law of Attraction crazy stuff" and she asked me.....It seems like everything is going your way, and if it doesn't you seem you find the good in everything.

I asked her to explain more- She went into a discussion that had a very clear theme- "I don't know why this is happening to me" - After listening to her, I knew the answer was the question.....

What are we asking of the Universe? Are we asking empowering questions or are we asking questions that make us feel UNinspired?
The power is and has always been in the question...the question is the answer- ask the right question (our job), and get the right answer (the job of the Universe)

The next time you feel under the weather- DON'T ask " Why do I feel so terrible" - Instead ask "How can I feel much better"

Are you looking for your soul mate- DON'T ask " Why can't I find a good man/woman" - Instead ask "What can I do today to align myself with Mr./Ms. Wonderful!

Ask empowering questions....get empowering answers!

We are always in control of this process- The Universe always gives us the answers TO THE QUESTIONS we ask. So the simple solution is...if you aren't getting what you want....ASK DIFFERENT QUESTIONS!

Change your thoughts....and everything else changes! 

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