The Confident You! - Achieving Excellence One thought at a time!!!

Here's the #1 question my coaching client's ask ..........

How can I get the confidence to take action in my life.................

I love this question because it gives the problem and the solution!

Because I've been asked this question so many times, I've decided to put together a comprehensive workshop that will allow you once and for all to silence the doubt and allow The Confident You to emerge........"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly"

I'd love to invite you to:
  • Live the life of your dreams
  • Take inspired action confidently in the direction of your dreams
  • Trust in your natural gifts, talents and abilities
  • Tap into your innate unstoppable confidence
  • Get that well deserved promotion, find your soulmate now, dare to pursue your dreams, speak up and claim your wonderful life now
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Question and thought to ponder:
What have you missed out on out because you lacked the confidence to take action? How much more are you willing to lose?

Further....Faster......Thank you

Today I watched Joel Olsteen and he talked about the God of acceleration......what a wonderful vision. As I listened I imagined God working behind the scenes of my life....creating the path to YES when all I could see was HELL NO. I kept imagining my completed goals and I kept seeing this spiritual loving genius effortlessly lining up everything EXACTLY as needed, so that I would reach out and find myself living my dreams......All I can say is "God is Awesome".

Earlier today, and every Sunday, I tune out for about 4 minutes. I lay on the floor, in complete silence, and simply think about the wonderful awesome power of God. I simply ask for guidance, I live ...for those 4 awe and gratitude and peace in God's loving warmth.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get quiet and allow the higher source, the universe, willingly give His divine direction. And when we hear God, when we listen to His direction, when we seek Him....our blessings manifest faster and our life dreams exceed our biggest expectations......

Further...Faster.....Thank you...I surrender all.

When we take the time to first seek spiritual connectedness, "seek ye first the kingdom of God", we experience the further..faster...blessings. Do you think Oprah Winfrey dreamed of being a multi-billionaire? Or was she blessed through her adversities because she sought spiritual connectedness first...and dared to believe...and decided to surrender all? Do you think Steve Harvey imagined hosting a #1 rated morning show, being a NY Times best-selling author????, and now nationally recognized as a relationship you think he could see that far during his divorces......Further...Faster...Thank You...I surrender all...
And seeking God does not exempt you from experiences of adversity and hardship. In fact, it is during these test..that the testimony develops! Remember:

When you're down to nothing, God is up to something!

So what do you desire for your life? What do you believe is possible in your life? When will you "seek ye first the kingdom of God"? When will you go Further than you could possibly imagine.....when will you get there Faster than you could plan to......when will you meditate the words Thank you to the greater source of all that is and ever will be.......and when will you truly be able to live the mantra....I Surrender All......

Question and thought to ponder:

How's everything going for you in your life? Instead of looking to others , have you looked up lately?


Your 68 second success story.....changes everything

Today I attended an "Abraham" inspired meeting. During this meeting we discussed the art of creating, achieving and living your Ideal Life.....during this meeting I heard an exercise called 68 seconds of pure thought. This is a revolutionary positive thinking process that takes......68 do...This process entails:

1. looking at what is (something you are dealing with or that is not exactly what or how you want it to be)
2. acknowledging the emotions or feelings around what is
3. asking what needs to happen around this so that I now see it, experience it, and it feels good
4. Imagine this has happened. What now exactly what you want it to be
5. Speak your new if it's happening right now
6. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings as you tell this "new story" you feel more empowered, powerful, hopeful.......if not that's just means you haven't released all the resistance....simply do it again...Imagine this situation has turned around and it's exactly as you want it to be....tell me about it...tell me your success story......

This is an extremely powerful process that shifts your thoughts....into the direction of what YOU WANT...rather than what you dont want............and Thoughts Are Things! What you think about you attract into your life!

Also by applying this process, you begin to activate the "How can I" mentality...instead of  "Why I cant", and HERE's THE BENEFIT OF THIS PROCESS....................
you position yourself to:
1. Feel better
2.Invite things that make you feel better to come into your life
3.Invite attention because this process sets you up to receive divine intervention, in the form of "inspired ideas" or GOD Ideas.....a way to make your success story happen in your life.

Here's what happened to me along these same lines
I have a goal of writing 1 e-book ,approx 50 pages, per quarter. I determined I could write about 15-20 pages per month or 1 page every couple of there I had a specific plan in place.....

As I started writing it was going OK, but not easy or relaxed or inspired....after about a month I decided this isn't working...I need to have a deadline but I also need to feel I chose to IMAGINE that I have completed my e-book.....I chose to get in touch with why I want to write the e-book..then I fast forwarded to Imagining the book was complete.....I began the 68 second success story (at the time I called it something different)..and I experienced the feelings, right now,of having completed this e-book. After several minutes of this feeling I let go...I relaxed and went about my day, convinced that I will complete my e-book, and the perfect divinely inspired "how" will's the WONDERFULLY DIVINELY INSPIRED THOUGHT......though when it came at first I didn't quite get it.......a few days passed and the word "confidence" popped into my mind......not once...not twice but a several times over the course of the day.......later in the evening I opened my laptop, opened microsoft word and typed the word confidence......What happened over the course of about 4 hours was NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE.......I wrote and completed my e-book/journal/class guessed's titled The Confident You! Achieving excellence one thought at a time! .......

There's power in this process....this is a pathway to tapping into the higher source.....the spirit of the Great Almighty....the willingness of Universal Abundance...who wants us to feel good, feel joy, feel peace, feel abundance......feel powerful, feel energized, feel motivated, feel on purpose with purpose...joyous and grateful for this and all experiences in the wonderful the awesome gift of life itself!

Live in the zone of happiness....use this process to get there!

Question and thought to ponder?
In the 1440 minutes of a day....or the 86,400 seconds in each and every day....don't you feel you're worth 68 seconds of self created joy...simply by creating your success story? Remember this the next time you feel as though something is not what you want it to be.....then do it.....intend it...speak it...feel better...make it so.

Please consider reading more about Ester and Jerry Hicks and the powerfully enlightened Abraham...visit for additional information.


What's in your toolbox?

What's in your toolbox- your toolbox for success? And most importantly, are you willing to invest in yourself and your order to achieve your Ideal Life?

The 3 absolutely most important tools (and these are FREE) are the following:
(1) Time
(2) Imagination
(3) Belief
in addition to the above, you also should have:
Service minded
Fear (yes fear)

I have a mantra in my toolbox that is invaluable. This mantra has allowed my to double my income in the past few years, has given me the courage to stand up and ask for what I deserve, has given me a beeline to success and My Ideal Life! .........And it is my pleasure to share this mantra with's very simple, profound, and potentially life it is.........throughout the day I say the following:

Imagine, Believe, Recieve.It is Achievable

That's it in a nutshell. I just sing this sing, speak these words, write them often, and hear them resonate in my mind and feel that it is achievable.I simply need to Imagine, Believe and Receive! Here's a really powerful question I'd like to ask you......What do you believe is possible for you in your life?

When you imagine your Ideal Life, what do you see? Could you develop a crystal clear mental image of your Ideal Life? Have you chosen to write this into narrative format? When you have achieved your goals how will you know you have? What's different to show that you really have?

When you take an inventory of your (success) toolbox.....what's in there? I want to share with you a few things....(1) time is precious and EVERY ONE receives the EXACT amount 24 hours/1440 minutes/86,400 seconds - - - these precious treasures are available to are you using your's?

(2) Everyone has the gift of "thought" and everyone can use this gift to when you use thoughts to IMAGINE your ideal's like, no it is, sending your confidant request to the ultimate catalogue..THE UNIVERSE (GOD ALMIGHTY)....stay in this world of imagination. What happens when you imagine driving your perfect brand new car, or walking across the stage to receive your degree, cashing those royalty checks, walking through your fabulous new mansion, vacationing on the beach..feels good eh....if you can do 1 think today, and every day hereafter....just IMAGINE. Just Imagine and you will receive an AHA, or inspired thought to take inspired'll know it when it happens!

(3) Being aware of your thoughts, actively choosing to imagine, and repeating your mantra daily will all assist in building the BELIEF muscle. Repeating the same words, playing again the same thoughts, no matter what it is, you will begin to believe use this to your advantage!

Repeat the mantra, stock your toolbox.....IMAGINE BELIEVE and RECEIVE your Ideal Life!

Get clear on your "Ideal Life" image, review it daily, feel it, repeat it often. feel it, experience it and Live your Ideal Life!

I believe in you and I am well aware ...It is Achievable

Question and thought to ponder:

Do you have a clear image of what you desire to achieve in life? Is your (success) toolbox equipped with what you need to reach your goals?


The birthplace of creativity...and solutions!

Today as I watched the news I listened to the "woes" of the economy. The Unemployment rate sky high, wages 6 feet under.....and everything in between....I had a thought, or better yet an AHA moment. The moment was spurred on by a statistic I heard a while back -

" More individuals became millionaires during recessionary/depression era economic times than during so called booming economic times"

Hmmmmm...why is this the case?

This brings me to the AHA moment: The following sentence resonated in my head,

"Your brain is the birthplace of creativity"

WOW! So what does this means (to me) that we have and have always had the power to create our lives, our circumstances, our solutions and our personal WEALTH! And it makes perfect sense that desperate times calls for desperate measures........

Think of something you're good at...something relatively easy such as hemming pants, changing tires, reading, painting, cleaning the stove, cleaning cars, speaking in public, dancing, braiding hair, making signs, great handwriting, cleaning baseboards, putting together furniture, playing WII basketball, polishing furniture,organizing,fundraising, tweeting,setting up blog/facebook/twitter accts... etc.

So here's where the creativity comes it. Right now, go out and find someone who will pay you to teach them to do what your good at....or pay you to do it for them...or BARTER what you're good at for what they are good at. Use your brain to be creative.

Scenario #1: I'm really good at changing I

1. Call my daycare and offer to come out 1 afternoon a week showing single moms how to change their tire....for $5 (or more or less) per person...or for a discount on daycare (even $5 is better than 0) or

2. Contact my apartment complex and offer to hold a class to show people in the community how to, you guessed it, change their tire......or

3. Look up local non-profit agencies in your area, ones that specialize in single moms or women, and ...once again...offer to show the ladies how to change a tire. Focus on empowerment and education and good will come to you!
And if you're worried about liability, you can easily print a liability waiver and have everyone sign.

Scenario #2 : I'm really good at setting up facebook/twitter/blogging and other social I

1. Go to dinner at a local restaurant. Pay attention to see if anyone there ask for your email address, or directs your to their fanbook page or blog or twitter. CONGRATS, you just found a customer. Gather some statistics about the "free real estate" known as the internet. Go to the library and read up un closing the sale or the art of coldcalling. Next, go back to the restaurant, at nonpeak time, and offer your services - show then how much they stand to earn with repeat customers based on something so simple as , you guessed it, having a blog, fanpage and twitter account. You can charge a one time fee, an ongoing fee, hourly rate, rate based on percent of sales creative!

2. Rinse and repeat!

Now, you come up with a few...use that creative brain of yours! Take action confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Remember- you get to decide your life. If you use what you already have, then you enter into a world full of possibilities!

Question and thought to ponder:

What am I really good at and who could benefit from this?


Conspiracy Theory! -

Recently, I was introduced to a seminar that started out with the following statement:
When I pursue my dreams, the Universe conspires to help me achieve it
WOW. Did you ever think you had this much help in reaching your dreams? The Universe (also known as God, Higher consciousness, Spirit...) has the perfect, most efficient way to get you to the next step to achieving your dreams.Do you believe this statement?

When you rely solely on your own understanding , you miss the whole other milllions of millions of millions of possibilities to accomplishing your dreams. We receive what we ask for. The key to achieving your dreams is to ASK EMPOWERING QUESTIONS.

Here's an example: Lets say you are interested in asking your co-worker on a date. You get the impression she is interested and you are too. However, when you imagine asking her out you think, "She will say no, she doesn't like me, I'm not good enough for her". By saying (thinking) those words, it's just like saying to the Universe "I'm not good enough, show me and prove to me this" - The Universe answers and you begin imagining situations in the past where you experienced shortcomings, failures and feelings that (you guessed it) you weren't good enough.

What if you were to CHANGE the Question: Same scenario except when you imagine asking her out you think "I'm a great catch, a kind, loving, gentle handsome person. I'm sure I have great things to offer" - The Universe answers and provides you with examples to match. In turn you feel confident and it shows!

This same philosophy works with achieving your dreams.When you pursue your dreams, the Universe conspires to help you achieve it. In addition to asking empowering questions, you must take action when inspired to do so. Focus on your dreams, on achieving dreams, and watch the awe of the Universe and her power.

How does one activate the power of the Universe?
(1) - Get clear on your dreams, your desires, your goals.

(2) - Fast forward into the future, you've accomplished your goals, your desires and your dreams. How are you feeling? (Feeling good? ) Keep this feeling.This is the perfect starting place. Get in touch with the end desired result. Just stay here by visualizing this place, feeling the feelings, seeing the image, hearing the source provide you with the next logical step

(3) -Take inspired action with the end in mind. If you really really get in touch with your future self having completed the desired goal, having already achieved your dreams....this is where the creative source (the Universe, God, higher source) speaks to you the next step.....It is in the quiet of certainty, the quiet of calmness, the quiet of faith that the good ideas take a back seat to the God ideas.

The God ideas are those that take you to the best, most effective, perfect path to achieving your desires!

The Universe has an abundance awaiting for you. Tap into it (it's already within you) and go confidently in the direction of your desires!

Question and thought to ponder:
Are you clear, crystal clear on what (NOT HOW) you wish to accomplish in my life?

Your 1st experience of the day....

How was your day today? Was it awesome......great....productive.....ok.....sad....or was it "just another day"?

Were you aware that your day was exactly what YOU DECIDED it to be?

Ok, I can imagine that reading that was a little tough..after all I don't know your situation, your wife (husband), your boss (the jerk!), your lazy co-worker (who just got MY promotion).....and so on...BUT I'm asking you to think about this statement:

We get to decide - Because we decide our thoughts, and though someone can do something irritating to us, We get to decide HOW we will react....We get to decide....Have you ever considered this notion.

When you begin to believe that your life REALLY IS IN YOUR OWN begin to access the power of change, the power of creating your life, the POWER given to each of us.

One of the easiest ways to understand and learn this concept is to begin each day with a specific theme - The theme of FEELING GOOD and DECIDING to feel good. After all, you guessed it, we get to decide.

A friend recently revealed to me her "process" of deciding her day:
When you awake in the morning, do not step 1 foot out of bed until you can honestly say " I am grateful for this day and I FEEL GOOD and blessed to enjoy it" - only after she has said this statement does she allow herself to get up and begin her day

She decided to FEEL GOOD, and decided this is the ONLY WAY she would be able tobegin the day!

I'm asking you to consider your 1st experience of the day....intend it to be a wonderful day, or a productive day, or a loving day....or all 3....but INTEND it and see the day as the gift it is.

Each day is a blank canvas, you are the artist. Create your masterpiece!

Question: How was your day.....How will you spend the precious gift of tomorrow?

Coach Valj