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Today as I watched the news I listened to the "woes" of the economy. The Unemployment rate sky high, wages 6 feet under.....and everything in between....I had a thought, or better yet an AHA moment. The moment was spurred on by a statistic I heard a while back -

" More individuals became millionaires during recessionary/depression era economic times than during so called booming economic times"

Hmmmmm...why is this the case?

This brings me to the AHA moment: The following sentence resonated in my head,

"Your brain is the birthplace of creativity"

WOW! So what does this means (to me) that we have and have always had the power to create our lives, our circumstances, our solutions and our personal WEALTH! And it makes perfect sense that desperate times calls for desperate measures........

Think of something you're good at...something relatively easy such as hemming pants, changing tires, reading, painting, cleaning the stove, cleaning cars, speaking in public, dancing, braiding hair, making signs, great handwriting, cleaning baseboards, putting together furniture, playing WII basketball, polishing furniture,organizing,fundraising, tweeting,setting up blog/facebook/twitter accts... etc.

So here's where the creativity comes it. Right now, go out and find someone who will pay you to teach them to do what your good at....or pay you to do it for them...or BARTER what you're good at for what they are good at. Use your brain to be creative.

Scenario #1: I'm really good at changing I

1. Call my daycare and offer to come out 1 afternoon a week showing single moms how to change their tire....for $5 (or more or less) per person...or for a discount on daycare (even $5 is better than 0) or

2. Contact my apartment complex and offer to hold a class to show people in the community how to, you guessed it, change their tire......or

3. Look up local non-profit agencies in your area, ones that specialize in single moms or women, and ...once again...offer to show the ladies how to change a tire. Focus on empowerment and education and good will come to you!
And if you're worried about liability, you can easily print a liability waiver and have everyone sign.

Scenario #2 : I'm really good at setting up facebook/twitter/blogging and other social I

1. Go to dinner at a local restaurant. Pay attention to see if anyone there ask for your email address, or directs your to their fanbook page or blog or twitter. CONGRATS, you just found a customer. Gather some statistics about the "free real estate" known as the internet. Go to the library and read up un closing the sale or the art of coldcalling. Next, go back to the restaurant, at nonpeak time, and offer your services - show then how much they stand to earn with repeat customers based on something so simple as , you guessed it, having a blog, fanpage and twitter account. You can charge a one time fee, an ongoing fee, hourly rate, rate based on percent of sales creative!

2. Rinse and repeat!

Now, you come up with a few...use that creative brain of yours! Take action confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Remember- you get to decide your life. If you use what you already have, then you enter into a world full of possibilities!

Question and thought to ponder:

What am I really good at and who could benefit from this?

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  1. I am home recovering and I am going to use these quick tips! I am really good at teaching others how to consciously spend and conducting workshops to move single parents from sustaining to succeeding. Who could benefit? Single parents and me! Now, I need to find someone willing to conduct a class on how to change those tires. LOL! Great post!


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