Conspiracy Theory! -

Recently, I was introduced to a seminar that started out with the following statement:
When I pursue my dreams, the Universe conspires to help me achieve it
WOW. Did you ever think you had this much help in reaching your dreams? The Universe (also known as God, Higher consciousness, Spirit...) has the perfect, most efficient way to get you to the next step to achieving your dreams.Do you believe this statement?

When you rely solely on your own understanding , you miss the whole other milllions of millions of millions of possibilities to accomplishing your dreams. We receive what we ask for. The key to achieving your dreams is to ASK EMPOWERING QUESTIONS.

Here's an example: Lets say you are interested in asking your co-worker on a date. You get the impression she is interested and you are too. However, when you imagine asking her out you think, "She will say no, she doesn't like me, I'm not good enough for her". By saying (thinking) those words, it's just like saying to the Universe "I'm not good enough, show me and prove to me this" - The Universe answers and you begin imagining situations in the past where you experienced shortcomings, failures and feelings that (you guessed it) you weren't good enough.

What if you were to CHANGE the Question: Same scenario except when you imagine asking her out you think "I'm a great catch, a kind, loving, gentle handsome person. I'm sure I have great things to offer" - The Universe answers and provides you with examples to match. In turn you feel confident and it shows!

This same philosophy works with achieving your dreams.When you pursue your dreams, the Universe conspires to help you achieve it. In addition to asking empowering questions, you must take action when inspired to do so. Focus on your dreams, on achieving dreams, and watch the awe of the Universe and her power.

How does one activate the power of the Universe?
(1) - Get clear on your dreams, your desires, your goals.

(2) - Fast forward into the future, you've accomplished your goals, your desires and your dreams. How are you feeling? (Feeling good? ) Keep this feeling.This is the perfect starting place. Get in touch with the end desired result. Just stay here by visualizing this place, feeling the feelings, seeing the image, hearing the source provide you with the next logical step

(3) -Take inspired action with the end in mind. If you really really get in touch with your future self having completed the desired goal, having already achieved your dreams....this is where the creative source (the Universe, God, higher source) speaks to you the next step.....It is in the quiet of certainty, the quiet of calmness, the quiet of faith that the good ideas take a back seat to the God ideas.

The God ideas are those that take you to the best, most effective, perfect path to achieving your desires!

The Universe has an abundance awaiting for you. Tap into it (it's already within you) and go confidently in the direction of your desires!

Question and thought to ponder:
Are you clear, crystal clear on what (NOT HOW) you wish to accomplish in my life?

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