Further....Faster......Thank you

Today I watched Joel Olsteen and he talked about the God of acceleration......what a wonderful vision. As I listened I imagined God working behind the scenes of my life....creating the path to YES when all I could see was HELL NO. I kept imagining my completed goals and I kept seeing this spiritual loving genius effortlessly lining up everything EXACTLY as needed, so that I would reach out and find myself living my dreams......All I can say is "God is Awesome".

Earlier today, and every Sunday, I tune out for about 4 minutes. I lay on the floor, in complete silence, and simply think about the wonderful awesome power of God. I simply ask for guidance, I live ...for those 4 awe and gratitude and peace in God's loving warmth.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get quiet and allow the higher source, the universe, willingly give His divine direction. And when we hear God, when we listen to His direction, when we seek Him....our blessings manifest faster and our life dreams exceed our biggest expectations......

Further...Faster.....Thank you...I surrender all.

When we take the time to first seek spiritual connectedness, "seek ye first the kingdom of God", we experience the further..faster...blessings. Do you think Oprah Winfrey dreamed of being a multi-billionaire? Or was she blessed through her adversities because she sought spiritual connectedness first...and dared to believe...and decided to surrender all? Do you think Steve Harvey imagined hosting a #1 rated morning show, being a NY Times best-selling author????, and now nationally recognized as a relationship you think he could see that far during his divorces......Further...Faster...Thank You...I surrender all...
And seeking God does not exempt you from experiences of adversity and hardship. In fact, it is during these test..that the testimony develops! Remember:

When you're down to nothing, God is up to something!

So what do you desire for your life? What do you believe is possible in your life? When will you "seek ye first the kingdom of God"? When will you go Further than you could possibly imagine.....when will you get there Faster than you could plan to......when will you meditate the words Thank you to the greater source of all that is and ever will be.......and when will you truly be able to live the mantra....I Surrender All......

Question and thought to ponder:

How's everything going for you in your life? Instead of looking to others , have you looked up lately?

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