What's in your toolbox?

What's in your toolbox- your toolbox for success? And most importantly, are you willing to invest in yourself and your order to achieve your Ideal Life?

The 3 absolutely most important tools (and these are FREE) are the following:
(1) Time
(2) Imagination
(3) Belief
in addition to the above, you also should have:
Service minded
Fear (yes fear)

I have a mantra in my toolbox that is invaluable. This mantra has allowed my to double my income in the past few years, has given me the courage to stand up and ask for what I deserve, has given me a beeline to success and My Ideal Life! .........And it is my pleasure to share this mantra with's very simple, profound, and potentially life it is.........throughout the day I say the following:

Imagine, Believe, Recieve.It is Achievable

That's it in a nutshell. I just sing this sing, speak these words, write them often, and hear them resonate in my mind and feel that it is achievable.I simply need to Imagine, Believe and Receive! Here's a really powerful question I'd like to ask you......What do you believe is possible for you in your life?

When you imagine your Ideal Life, what do you see? Could you develop a crystal clear mental image of your Ideal Life? Have you chosen to write this into narrative format? When you have achieved your goals how will you know you have? What's different to show that you really have?

When you take an inventory of your (success) toolbox.....what's in there? I want to share with you a few things....(1) time is precious and EVERY ONE receives the EXACT amount 24 hours/1440 minutes/86,400 seconds - - - these precious treasures are available to are you using your's?

(2) Everyone has the gift of "thought" and everyone can use this gift to when you use thoughts to IMAGINE your ideal's like, no it is, sending your confidant request to the ultimate catalogue..THE UNIVERSE (GOD ALMIGHTY)....stay in this world of imagination. What happens when you imagine driving your perfect brand new car, or walking across the stage to receive your degree, cashing those royalty checks, walking through your fabulous new mansion, vacationing on the beach..feels good eh....if you can do 1 think today, and every day hereafter....just IMAGINE. Just Imagine and you will receive an AHA, or inspired thought to take inspired'll know it when it happens!

(3) Being aware of your thoughts, actively choosing to imagine, and repeating your mantra daily will all assist in building the BELIEF muscle. Repeating the same words, playing again the same thoughts, no matter what it is, you will begin to believe use this to your advantage!

Repeat the mantra, stock your toolbox.....IMAGINE BELIEVE and RECEIVE your Ideal Life!

Get clear on your "Ideal Life" image, review it daily, feel it, repeat it often. feel it, experience it and Live your Ideal Life!

I believe in you and I am well aware ...It is Achievable

Question and thought to ponder:

Do you have a clear image of what you desire to achieve in life? Is your (success) toolbox equipped with what you need to reach your goals?

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