Your 1st experience of the day....

How was your day today? Was it awesome......great....productive.....ok.....sad....or was it "just another day"?

Were you aware that your day was exactly what YOU DECIDED it to be?

Ok, I can imagine that reading that was a little tough..after all I don't know your situation, your wife (husband), your boss (the jerk!), your lazy co-worker (who just got MY promotion).....and so on...BUT I'm asking you to think about this statement:

We get to decide - Because we decide our thoughts, and though someone can do something irritating to us, We get to decide HOW we will react....We get to decide....Have you ever considered this notion.

When you begin to believe that your life REALLY IS IN YOUR OWN begin to access the power of change, the power of creating your life, the POWER given to each of us.

One of the easiest ways to understand and learn this concept is to begin each day with a specific theme - The theme of FEELING GOOD and DECIDING to feel good. After all, you guessed it, we get to decide.

A friend recently revealed to me her "process" of deciding her day:
When you awake in the morning, do not step 1 foot out of bed until you can honestly say " I am grateful for this day and I FEEL GOOD and blessed to enjoy it" - only after she has said this statement does she allow herself to get up and begin her day

She decided to FEEL GOOD, and decided this is the ONLY WAY she would be able tobegin the day!

I'm asking you to consider your 1st experience of the day....intend it to be a wonderful day, or a productive day, or a loving day....or all 3....but INTEND it and see the day as the gift it is.

Each day is a blank canvas, you are the artist. Create your masterpiece!

Question: How was your day.....How will you spend the precious gift of tomorrow?

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  1. I made my day GREAT! Even at this moment, I had surgery and my body feels like a mac truck hit it and still I FEEL great! My body is functioning, my mind is alert, the sun is shining, my children are amazing, my business is progressing and I am going to take a moment to do my nails (one of my favorite things to do). Life is GOOD! Why? I CHOOSE to rejoice and be glad in it!


Coach Valj