Your 68 second success story.....changes everything

Today I attended an "Abraham" inspired meeting. During this meeting we discussed the art of creating, achieving and living your Ideal Life.....during this meeting I heard an exercise called 68 seconds of pure thought. This is a revolutionary positive thinking process that takes......68 do...This process entails:

1. looking at what is (something you are dealing with or that is not exactly what or how you want it to be)
2. acknowledging the emotions or feelings around what is
3. asking what needs to happen around this so that I now see it, experience it, and it feels good
4. Imagine this has happened. What now exactly what you want it to be
5. Speak your new if it's happening right now
6. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings as you tell this "new story" you feel more empowered, powerful, hopeful.......if not that's just means you haven't released all the resistance....simply do it again...Imagine this situation has turned around and it's exactly as you want it to be....tell me about it...tell me your success story......

This is an extremely powerful process that shifts your thoughts....into the direction of what YOU WANT...rather than what you dont want............and Thoughts Are Things! What you think about you attract into your life!

Also by applying this process, you begin to activate the "How can I" mentality...instead of  "Why I cant", and HERE's THE BENEFIT OF THIS PROCESS....................
you position yourself to:
1. Feel better
2.Invite things that make you feel better to come into your life
3.Invite attention because this process sets you up to receive divine intervention, in the form of "inspired ideas" or GOD Ideas.....a way to make your success story happen in your life.

Here's what happened to me along these same lines
I have a goal of writing 1 e-book ,approx 50 pages, per quarter. I determined I could write about 15-20 pages per month or 1 page every couple of there I had a specific plan in place.....

As I started writing it was going OK, but not easy or relaxed or inspired....after about a month I decided this isn't working...I need to have a deadline but I also need to feel I chose to IMAGINE that I have completed my e-book.....I chose to get in touch with why I want to write the e-book..then I fast forwarded to Imagining the book was complete.....I began the 68 second success story (at the time I called it something different)..and I experienced the feelings, right now,of having completed this e-book. After several minutes of this feeling I let go...I relaxed and went about my day, convinced that I will complete my e-book, and the perfect divinely inspired "how" will's the WONDERFULLY DIVINELY INSPIRED THOUGHT......though when it came at first I didn't quite get it.......a few days passed and the word "confidence" popped into my mind......not once...not twice but a several times over the course of the day.......later in the evening I opened my laptop, opened microsoft word and typed the word confidence......What happened over the course of about 4 hours was NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE.......I wrote and completed my e-book/journal/class guessed's titled The Confident You! Achieving excellence one thought at a time! .......

There's power in this process....this is a pathway to tapping into the higher source.....the spirit of the Great Almighty....the willingness of Universal Abundance...who wants us to feel good, feel joy, feel peace, feel abundance......feel powerful, feel energized, feel motivated, feel on purpose with purpose...joyous and grateful for this and all experiences in the wonderful the awesome gift of life itself!

Live in the zone of happiness....use this process to get there!

Question and thought to ponder?
In the 1440 minutes of a day....or the 86,400 seconds in each and every day....don't you feel you're worth 68 seconds of self created joy...simply by creating your success story? Remember this the next time you feel as though something is not what you want it to be.....then do it.....intend it...speak it...feel better...make it so.

Please consider reading more about Ester and Jerry Hicks and the powerfully enlightened Abraham...visit for additional information.

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