Your Ideal Life: Belief + Action = SUCCESS

I've decided to live successfully. Boom, that's it! I've decided....burned the bridge of failure, eliminated can't from my vocabulary, decided to own the remaining 1440 minutes everyday for the remainder of my days on earth! I believe it's possible.....I'm taking action to make things happen.......I've clearly defined what SUCCESS means to me....And even as I type...I feel the energy of NOW..I'm focused on what I am. what I want, and who I'm becoming......

And if you want to be, do and have your definition of can create it the way you want it! You can BREAK YOURSELF FREE....with what you have now, with where you are now...if you Decide it!

The 1st step in building a successful life (business, career, etc) is making a decision to do so. The word decision comes from the  Latin root decidere , which means to cut off from. When you MAKE A DECISION, you CUT OFF all other possibilities. So the first step is to go from "trying" to creating your powerful decision .....and developing your Decision Statement

Once you've crafted your decision's time to create your Belief Narrative..this is the recognition of the wonderful you! Do you know that you are wonderful, and you deserve success? When you know you do...then you will have success in your life!

These two steps are critical to living your Ideal Life and deciding your success!
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Question and thought to ponder

What have you determined your life to be? Are you creating things or reacting to your environment?


Opportunity: The process!

Life brings new opportunities every single day! When we create the habit of taking advantage of those opportunities...we become the successful person we were meant to become!

What are you meant to be.....what are you focusing on....what are you inviting into your life.....what are your new opportunities today? 

Here are 5 key points to utilizing the process of opportunity in Action:
  1. When you focus your energy on gratitude for seeing another day, and believing opportunity to be, do and have exists, you will See It Everywhere...and if  we develop smart goals then we have the flashlight shining on the opportunity even more!
  2. Choose to see each day as a new day with possibilities. Think about this, the day before you bought your 1st car you were limited to either where someone would take you or where you could catch the bus....The day after you bought your car, the world opened up....what a difference a 1440 makes!
  3. Develop your own unique time management system. Everyone gets 1440 minutes perday, or as I like to say 1440 GiFts per are you "managing yours"? Are you losing track of some of your 1440?
  4. Recognize each day as a GiFt, get clear on your SMART Goals......keeping in mind K-A= 0... that means Knowledge without Action equals NOTHING! Don't exchange your 1440 for nothing!
  5. Life is full of choices: Take back your power by acknowledging how you fill your 1440 is up to YOU. You choose to go to that job or business or to stay at home, you choose to live where you are living, with whom you are choose all of that....When you become aware that everything in your life is there by invitation...then you can UNinvite UNwelcomed people, things, events and circumstances!
Question and thought to ponder:

Can you think of 1 or 2 opportunities that "showed up" today...will you?

My possibilities are ENDLESS...and if mine are...SO ARE YOURS!

"There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in it's original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the Universe! "

Thoughts are things.....we have the ability to think.....think anything we want......therefore

"There is one thinking substance upon which all things are made!"

Life really is an exciting journey....and it's so much more powerful, enlightened, wonderful, and fun when we understand that we are all connected by spirit...and by thought...and that we are all spiritual beings with enormous thought power......WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE! It's important to hold that image of being a powerful spiritual being connected to the source of all there is and will be......begin to feel good, to let go and let Source provide the pathway to ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Isn't it time to step out of the confort zone? Discover new strengths? New talents? New possibilities? Isn't it time to take action, not based on fear...but based on faith! Not based on physical vision...but on spiritual vision.....We choose to choose...,we can choose excellence, we can choose empowered thoughts...we can choose to feel good, and we can choose to walk closer to our Spiritual Source who is the source of all there is and will be........and since we are all have direct access to all that is and will ever be....YOU, ME, EVERYONE WHO SHALL ASK....everyone who chooses to Imagine, Believe!

I believe My Possibilities and ENDLESS...and since mine are....SO ARE YOURS!

Question and thought to ponder:

Do you believe that limits exists? Limits of how much you will be, do and have in your life?
If so, who set the limit? To whom can you petition to increase the limit?

If you believe your possibilities are ENDLESS, how and what are you doing NOW to prove your belief?

A baby-step closer to the more successful you

Can you imagine, today, this moment, running a marathon? I mean this moment, walking away from your computer...walking out the door and running 26.2 miles?

Well even if you are in marathon shape, I'll bet there are a few things that need to occur before you just start running....those steps are critical to your success...those steps, the preparation....the baby-steps are important, and will ,to a large degree, determine your level of success........And taking baby-steps in the direction of your goals lead to the more successful you!

In preparation for running a marathon, you, naturally, access where you are physically, what equipment (proper shoes, sox, running clothes etc) is needed, what training schedule to follow...and so much's the same in achieving your life goals and ultimately your Ideal Life.

Every step in the direction of your dreams gets you a step closer to reaching them...even baby-steps get you closer to your the successful you! Each quarter mile walk...mile walk....2 mile jog...5 mile jog...10 mile run....1/2 marathon.....gets you closer EVERYDAY to touching, experiencing,feeling, enjoying, living, completing that marathon! You deserve it..............

One of the most important baby-steps, which is also the easiest step, is to imagine your completed goal......Imagine completing the marathon, imagine living your Ideal Life- get vivid in your vision, write the narrative of your it visible for you to review daily, read it BEFORE you begin the next baby-step...this is the "Start with the End in Mind" process.....when you begin taking the next step in completing your goal, if you start with feeling the good feeling of the desired end result, you should be able to say...I feel encouraged, I feel inspired, I feel motivated, I feel relaxed, I feel enthusiastic, I feel this goal is achievable and I'm taking action and it feels good to do so......

Having those feelings as you take steps will make those steps so much easier and exciting and more fun....than saying ok I need to get this done, or I better hurry and do this, or I'm tired but I knew it was gonna be hard work........sure you may still complete this on purpose is all about feeling good.....and achieving goals feels good, right? I'm telling you that the process of achieving those goals (the work) can feel good also.....if you intend it so!

Your dreams are have the power to achieve your ideal be the successful you.....and if you took baby-steps everyday in the direction of your dreams, you will achieve each and every one!

Question and thought to ponder:

What do I wish to accomplish? Do I have a really clear vision of my completed goal? When is the last time I reviewed it before I took the next step?

Coach Valj