My possibilities are ENDLESS...and if mine are...SO ARE YOURS!

"There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in it's original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the Universe! "

Thoughts are things.....we have the ability to think.....think anything we want......therefore

"There is one thinking substance upon which all things are made!"

Life really is an exciting journey....and it's so much more powerful, enlightened, wonderful, and fun when we understand that we are all connected by spirit...and by thought...and that we are all spiritual beings with enormous thought power......WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE! It's important to hold that image of being a powerful spiritual being connected to the source of all there is and will be......begin to feel good, to let go and let Source provide the pathway to ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Isn't it time to step out of the confort zone? Discover new strengths? New talents? New possibilities? Isn't it time to take action, not based on fear...but based on faith! Not based on physical vision...but on spiritual vision.....We choose to choose...,we can choose excellence, we can choose empowered thoughts...we can choose to feel good, and we can choose to walk closer to our Spiritual Source who is the source of all there is and will be........and since we are all have direct access to all that is and will ever be....YOU, ME, EVERYONE WHO SHALL ASK....everyone who chooses to Imagine, Believe!

I believe My Possibilities and ENDLESS...and since mine are....SO ARE YOURS!

Question and thought to ponder:

Do you believe that limits exists? Limits of how much you will be, do and have in your life?
If so, who set the limit? To whom can you petition to increase the limit?

If you believe your possibilities are ENDLESS, how and what are you doing NOW to prove your belief?

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