Your Ideal Life: Belief + Action = SUCCESS

I've decided to live successfully. Boom, that's it! I've decided....burned the bridge of failure, eliminated can't from my vocabulary, decided to own the remaining 1440 minutes everyday for the remainder of my days on earth! I believe it's possible.....I'm taking action to make things happen.......I've clearly defined what SUCCESS means to me....And even as I type...I feel the energy of NOW..I'm focused on what I am. what I want, and who I'm becoming......

And if you want to be, do and have your definition of can create it the way you want it! You can BREAK YOURSELF FREE....with what you have now, with where you are now...if you Decide it!

The 1st step in building a successful life (business, career, etc) is making a decision to do so. The word decision comes from the  Latin root decidere , which means to cut off from. When you MAKE A DECISION, you CUT OFF all other possibilities. So the first step is to go from "trying" to creating your powerful decision .....and developing your Decision Statement

Once you've crafted your decision's time to create your Belief Narrative..this is the recognition of the wonderful you! Do you know that you are wonderful, and you deserve success? When you know you do...then you will have success in your life!

These two steps are critical to living your Ideal Life and deciding your success!
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Question and thought to ponder

What have you determined your life to be? Are you creating things or reacting to your environment?

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