The God-Power dream

This morning I woke up to laughter. It was hearty laughter. The kind that is innocent, warm, pure and filled with absolute certainty....just laughter.....the kind that leaves your stomache hurting.....on this day, that laughter greeted me as I awoke.....the funny and cool part is......

I was the one laughing. I was laughing in my sleep....and it was so loud I woke me. Very Cool Indeed....So what was so funny (that's the cool part) my dream was revealed to me the secret to MY success. And the secret was so simple it made me laugh. And it was so profound it kept me awake and prompted me to
  1. Remember this dream
  2. Recognize the calmness of certainty
  3. Take immediate action
  4. Share with others
#1 Remember the dream - I have a list of specific life goals and dreams that I intend on accomplishing. I created this list years ago and many of the things (events) have come to me. Over the last 6 months, things have really begin happening with lightening speed....yet there are a few things yet to come and I have asked (why not now)....well in my dream I was walking along in a beautiful forest. I felt calm, at peace, relaxed, awesome, inspired.....I felt this way because I was walking along a path- just had a feeling this was the path to my personal view of success.......As I walked along I began having doubtful feelings (I'm not worthy, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough), and each time I had this feeling/thought I lost my place on the path....became confused, my vision became blurry...and the more I entertained the thoughts, the further from the path (the path of certainty,calm,peace,love) the true path i ventured.

As I continued down this "false" path, I began looking UP....there was a mirror there in the sky and I saw myself... I really saw myself.....I say my beauty, my spirit, my success, my kindness, my heart, my love, I saw my intelligence, my drive, my willingness, my strenths, my abilities..... I saw GOD-POWER inside me.......Then I looked forward and I say me goals already completed....I saw the things (events) that were on my list...I saw the easy, quick, wonderful path was was perfect, it was always there- but I couldn't see it.....Finally I realized I had on glasses (rose color glasses)....and I heard a wonderfully, genuine, beautiful, pure voice that said................

- You are the key to your success. You are the architect of your life, the captain, the owner, the one true path......You need only Imagine and Believe - Look UP not around to quiet the false truth...wear the glasses of GOD POWER so that they become you......when you take them off, you will always "have them on-inside"...Keep the truth near and you will always always always remain on path to your dreams! -

#2 - Stay tuned for my upcoming book - The Calmmess of Certainty - Allowing the truth to really set you free, into abundance, happy, and peace. It's time to enjoy the journey!

#3 - Take Action Immediately....DONE

#4 Share with others- As you read this post I encourage you to realize
 the answer for you...the answer is you..YOU are in charge of your life.......believe it or are the KEY. Learn to listen to yourself, learn to grow, learn to love yourself, learn to appreciate yourself, learn to be happy on the path, learn to recognize what feels good and what feels not-so-good......You are the answer!

Question and thought to ponder:
Have you imagined your Ideal Life? What stops you? (The answer is you)? What starts you (The answer is you) can I help?

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