Why having PETS is your best tool for success

What are your PETS I mean Positive Emotional TriggerS.
In this world of "unemployment fears..economic woe's, terror threats and political bickering" can easily forget just how good life is....LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD.,...if we can see beyond the turmoil and witness the beauty that surrounds our everyday...for example here's 5 FREE GOOD things that we can express gratitude for....
1.Fresh Air
2.Fresh Water
5.The 5 senses

When was the last time you expressed gratitude for sight, or hearing, or feeling? Gratitude is the way to achieving the next "step" your dreams....and getting into the state of appreciation starts with getting your PETS!

Positive Emotional Triggers induce within you a state of HOPE, Feeling Good, Kindness and helps you get closer to the source of your true authentic self.

Your PETS are personal to's whatever makes you feel it a song, a phrase, a texture, a movie, a sound, a picture.....whatever it is...once you identify your PETS you can begin actively seeking to FEEL GOOD. And this is a FEELING UNIVERSE...what you Feel Bring About!

Here's some of my PETS: The finale song (Pappa can you hear me) in the movie Yentl, babies laugher, the memory of making my high school softball team, Queens "We are the Champions", my feet rubbing against carpet, the ocean, dipping my feet in the ocean, giving gifts......

If you were to begin thinking about things you LOVE, your PETS, you are inviting amazing into your life!

Question and thought to ponder: What are your P.E.T.S

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  1. My Positive Emotional TriggerS are my 46 kitties.


Coach Valj