No matter what the statistics say, you are an exception to the rule

In the history of the world...all the the seconds...there is one awesome fact:
There will never be another you
WOW, let that marinate for just a moment.
You are a unique fact, you're it! How wonderful. You are a unique magnificant creature. You just as you are, you right this moment, you

Cool, eh?

From the coaches corner:
I am not limited by statistics; I am unique.

I am a unique individual whose value is set by me, not by society. My social status, health and intelligence are exactly what they are meant to be, and it all works for me. I am exceptional and an exception to all rules set by others.

Society often sets the rule that attractiveness equals a lack of intelligence, but I am the exception to the rule. I am both attractive and intelligent.

The medical world tries to set rules regarding health and outcomes; I am an exception to those rules, too.

There may be many statistics that makes assumptions about the majority, but what those stats don't take into consideration is that no two people are exactly alike. There is always an exception to the rule.

Even if I fit a specific statistic, I still feel that I am an exception. I do not like to be considered average. I soar above! You cannot shove me into a majority because I stand out from the crowd, not blend in.

I am, and always will be, the exception to the rule because I am not made out of average material.

Question and thought to ponder

What are the many ways I am exceptional


What goals have your soul set for you?

What goals have your soul set for you?

Are you a goal achiever….moving along through life's obstacles with determination, stamina, perserverance…you have a clear vision of what “success” looks like to you…are you marching confidently in the direction of your dreams…….have you been marching for a while, with peaks and valleys. Highs and lows?

Do you ever feel frustrated or not 100% clear on whether you are perfectly on course, or ever ask yourself “When is it MY TURN!”….feeling like you’re doing everything right but this “success” is always just beyond the reach of your outstretched (sometimes overworked) hands……..

I’ve a few question for you:

What process did you use to set your goals (life-long term goals?)

With whom did you consult?

How do your goals relate to your core values?

What is your personal motto?

Are they specific to an area of your life or do they encompass all areas (money, career/business, health, spiritual,family/friends,

Do the goals you set reconcile with the goals your soul has set for you?

There is an all knowing source….one universal mind…within each of us, we are all one. It’s energy, core authenticity…peace, calmness, oneness…soul….and this source, this oneness, this universal mind has purpose for everyone. And your goals are in support of your purpose, they support your core values, they accentuate your unique strengths and talents….there is this magical wonderful “puzzle” in which all the pieces fit together to create this lovely and awesome journey called life….

When your personal goals match the goals your soul has set for you extraordinary things happen in your life….SO how do you know your souls goals……it’s the same formula that we’ve witnessed in “The Secret”….Ask, Believe, Receive

Step 1: Ask your soul to enlighten your conscious thoughts to reveal with clarity your purpose…Ask literally in meditation…listening, experiencing and feeling whatever presents itself. Review the exercises outlined below:

What did I want to be when I was a kid?

When am I in my happiest state?

What activities am I really good at performing?

What activities do I really enjoy?

What do I recall family, friends and others saying I’m good at? (You’re really good with words, your hands, etc)

Complete a simple comparison/contrast worksheet to gain further clarity

Complete a core values analysis

Step 2: Believe in your essence that what you desire, you already are…and the physical manifestation is already here and now….enjoy rather that want…and here’s how

Review your current goals and pick one that you would love to have right this moment

Ask yourself the following question : -

What would (--------) give me that I otherwise wouldn’t have? Once you have this answer, ask again about that, and once you have that ask again about the next thing.

After a few times you’ll be left with a feeling…. (perhaps one of your core values?)

If you want to build the belief muscle, begin now feeling that feeling! The more you feel it now, the more you get into vibrational alignment with that which you desire….And you can affirm “All that I desire I am” with confidence, with belief and with the calmness of certainty….and that’s what makes the physical manifestation of your desires happen.

Review your actions today, this week, or this month. Now ask yourself, do those actions reflect the actions of someone who exemplifies (------) feeling? What can I do or how can I alter my normal routine in such a way that I feel (------) feeling, that I exude this feeling, that I embody (-------) feeling?
An ever so slight shift in routine has the potential to make a world of difference

Step 3: Receive your desires by living the goals you soul has set for you. Life is a true gift..the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. The fact that you are able to read this right this moment, is indisputable evidence that you are deserving of your life's dreams. So why not choose to enjoy the gift, choose to live in authenticity of our core values, in celebration of our unique strengths and talents…and recognize the Universe is giving to you that which you ask for and that which you believe you will receive.

Affirm to yourself “ I am willing to receive all the good that comes to me”…then graciously receive.

Question and thought to ponder

Are you ready to uncover and live your souls passion?
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Metaphysical Laws are any spiritual truths that, when applied to one’s life, can result in the manifestation of success and happiness. When one understands and applies these laws, ones life changes! In my efforts to learn, grow, share, be, do and have…..I pass along a few to you

The Law of One Mind – There is but ONE mind in this universe that is the creating principle behind each individual mind. We are all one, from one, inner connected!

The Law of Universal Plenty – The ONE mind possesses all good within itself. The answer is you by virtue of your connection to the ONE universal mind.

The Law of Permanence and Non-Permanence – The only thing permanent is the Eternal Universal Mind (God), which contains all good with it. Any “negative” conditions in your life are only temporary;by placing your mind on the eternal good, your conscious is raised above the level of any negative conditions and thus outgrowing the problem

The Law of Love – as you treat another, in truth, you treat yourself. There is only ONE MIND and thus ONE LIFE. Do good to another and good will return to you, and it may not come back from the original receiver – it is an rxtension of the one life which you are a part of

Meditate daily to keep the intuitive channels open and don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked from the goals your soul has set for you.

Question and thought to ponder:

What goals have your soul set for you?

Coach Valj