Metaphysical Laws are any spiritual truths that, when applied to one’s life, can result in the manifestation of success and happiness. When one understands and applies these laws, ones life changes! In my efforts to learn, grow, share, be, do and have…..I pass along a few to you

The Law of One Mind – There is but ONE mind in this universe that is the creating principle behind each individual mind. We are all one, from one, inner connected!

The Law of Universal Plenty – The ONE mind possesses all good within itself. The answer is you by virtue of your connection to the ONE universal mind.

The Law of Permanence and Non-Permanence – The only thing permanent is the Eternal Universal Mind (God), which contains all good with it. Any “negative” conditions in your life are only temporary;by placing your mind on the eternal good, your conscious is raised above the level of any negative conditions and thus outgrowing the problem

The Law of Love – as you treat another, in truth, you treat yourself. There is only ONE MIND and thus ONE LIFE. Do good to another and good will return to you, and it may not come back from the original receiver – it is an rxtension of the one life which you are a part of

Meditate daily to keep the intuitive channels open and don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked from the goals your soul has set for you.

Question and thought to ponder:

What goals have your soul set for you?

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