It's time to get FIRED!

Today I've officially, without doubt, no question, COMMITTED, to making 2011 the Best Year of my Life! The 1st powerful step was to FIRE every excuse that I've gainfully employed for the previous 30+ years of my life! Those excuses kept me:
  • overweight
  • living paycheck to paycheck
  • lacking confidence
  • feeling of "not being good enough"
  • afraid to take chances
  • from living in abundance and freedom
I recorded every excuse that I've uttered out loud, thought repeatedly and stated about myself.....I wrote them down and BURNED every one of them...gone, not to come back, fired, I burned the bridge! I'm finish with excuses that have served me poorly and kept me from my great inheritance....

Here's the process:

Take out a piece of paper and crumble it. Now open it and begin writing
  • List every excuse you've used ....you've used your entire life
  • One way to 'conjure up' those excuses is to say ...I would lose weight but...... or I would start my own business but......., I would have a husband if ........... I would get in shape but ..............
  • Continue until you have exhausted all the excuses you can think of
  • Take this list and know that the only thing that has stopped you from achieving and living the life of your dreams is because you believed the excuses listed on this piece of crumpled paper....
  • Take the crumpled piece of paper and BURN it! In a safe environment take this piece of paper and burn it leaving nothing but the ashes
  • From this moment on, decide that you will no longer employ excuses!
  • Begin now to start asking yourself How I can instead of listing reason why I can't.
  • Live now in a state of owning your life...developing an action plan for goals, dreams and desires
Anytime you feel the need to employ excuses simply remember the visual of the burned crumpled paper....and all the joy, peace, love and happiness it has kept you from enjoying.....

Decide that this is your year, this is your best year ever, this is the year you step into your greatness, your clarity, your beautiful body, your new business, your love, your family, your peace!

When you FIRE excuses and employ (FULL TIME) solution oriented thinking...wonderful things begin to happen....and will it happen all at once? Maybe, maybe not but here's a quote that will help you along the journey to your BEST YEAR EVER!

Though most of us probably can't climb Mt. Everest today, almost all of us can begin training to climb Mt. Everest today!

Fire your excuses and make 2011 your best year ever!

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