The Million Dollar Necktie

This is just a quick post about stepping into your greatness....we all, every one on us, are filled with wonderful...unique strengths, talents, and abilities.....but we are also creatures of habit which means we tend to live in the SAME OLD SAME OLD!

One must get comfortable with fear, with the unknown, with something different....if you ever want to go beyond where you are....embrace newness now.....welcome change, get comfortable with stepping into the spotlight, speaking up, making suggestions, following hunches, creating plans, taking significant action on those plans....declare that today is your day....that 2011 is your something now so that you're comfortable with the greatness to come!

Today I wore a tie..because I always wanted to and I thought it was too manly, or people would talk about me, or it would "mean something" about who I am.....we'll I decided to FIRE the excuses and get used to stepping out...doing something different....and I feel like a million bucks! All because I felt the fear and did it anyway!

If you are intending to Make 2011 the best year of your life....start today, feel the fear and do it anyway- take a step BEYOND something, do something bold, do something TODAY....I did!

Commit to Making 2011 The Best Year of Your Life!!! get used to the way that sounds, feels and looks! 

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  1. I love it! Sometimes its the little fears that get to you the most. I love ties and would like to wear them more, but in my business circles its a little too "hip." But kudos for you for going for it. "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" is the best approach for everything. Since I read the book by Susan Jeffers, its definitely been my mantra. Thanks for the post!


Coach Valj