No More Band- Aids on Gaping Wounds

Don't bring the bad into the elevens......
Here we are on the brink of a new year..a new decade...and a NEW YOU!

No more band - aids on gaping wounds
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It's time to look into what's stopping's time to address the problem and embrace your personal power.... it's time. Ray Dodds writes

"Your deepest beliefs about everything hold your attention and propel you into action,
or keep you from taking action"

As you read through the close attention to what you are feeling..any discomfort or anxiety...feelings are our "GPS" systems indicating what lives beyond the surface...those beliefs that propel or keep you from reaching for the stars.......AND TOUCHING THEM!

Overweight - unable to play with kids, feeling too unattractive get a boyfriend/girlfriend
Shy - letting others run your life
Fearful - staying in a bad relationship, bad job, unsafe home
Lazy - have an idea but feel paralyzed to take action...yet another missed opportunity
Broke - missing out on vacations, a decent car, things you really desire
Miserable - mad when it's sunny, mad when it rains, just merely existing rather than living
Stuck - Can't quit the job cause you need the money, can't start the business cause you need money, can't leave him because ...'we'll you just don't understand'
Alone - Year after year no one to share love with

The band-aids .......Cabbage Soup Diet, Cookie Diet or other latest diet craze, making excuses, justifying, making everyone else miserable, saying that there are just 'no, good men/women out there' , taking out loan after loan after loan, complaining, having a bad attitude, buying expensive equipment only to watch it collect dust....

No more band-aids on gaping wounds....change the beliefs, and then the thoughts, actions and circumstances change everything else!

Make 2011 DIFFERENT...make it the year where you dig beyond the surface.....
Seek help and not just the easiest, quickest more band-aids on gaping wounds.....

Let 2011 be your Year of Healing

PS here's 3 great books to help you along the way......

The Power of Belief by Ray Dodd

The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson

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