A Better Way to LIVE!

Have you ever considered that there’s A Better Way to Live……are you happy with what/where/who you are
or are becoming?

A little bit of focused effort in the direction of what you desire will send the Universe a clear direct and distinct message that you are ready to receive ALL that is available (and all is available), right here, right now.

So what do you desire….what is it you desire to be, do and have…..will you dare to imagine? Will you stroll into the land of abundance and choose that which you desire…place on the shelf, for just a moment or two, the doubts, fears, “I cant’s”, the impossibles, they won’t let me, now isn’t the time, I will as soon as……place all those on the shelf, if but for a few moments….see yourself unloading the baggage of mediocrity , unload the reasons why you can’t live your Ideal Life…piece by piece

unload them from your body, from your mind, from your spirit… and place them on the shelf…..after they are all piled on the shelf, slowly turn from the shelf, walk out the door and lock it…..take the key and slide it under the locked door which houses the shelf that houses the no longer needed and no longer valid reasons why not….and begin now walking toward your YES….your Ideal Life, your success, your deepest desires made manifest in this lifetime….begin now feeling lighter, feeling more focused than ever before, knowing that It is Achievable….knowing you are headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION from this day forward!

Continue on this new, exciting, warm, inviting, focused, confident, powerful journey….a new day and a new you….made light by the unloading of the unnecessary…..made full by a strong desire to be do and have…on this day you are a new creature…and it is will with your soul!

At the end of the day, our life is in our own hands….what will you do with yours?

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Recipe for happiness

Here's a wonderful happiness recipe I watched in a great documentary "Living Luminaries on the Serious Business of Happiness"

If you want to be happy for a whole day go shopping, it feels great but it doesn't last...
If you want to be happy for a whole weekend, do whatever you do ...like going fishing, go clubbing, or golfing
If you want to be happy for a whole month take a vacation, go to the Bahamas or Australia or another destination
If you want to be happy for a whole year, inherit a fortune....

But if you want to be happy for a lifetime, you gotta find a way to make a positive difference in other peoples lives, find a way to make a contribution.....be significant

Discover your own personal strengths, talents, abilities, core values and find a way to use those authenticities to give to the world, to ease a problem, to help further life.....It is Achievable!

Coach Valj