When you say YES....what are you saying NO to?

As you read this post, you are saying no to something else.
I appreciate your YES.
Whatever you say YES to means you're giving it some of your 1440 daily minutes.

If you really want to create, live and love a successful life say YES to your passion and NO to your timewasters.....and be aware of how you invest each and every precious moment!

From Winners Always Quit by L.Colan and D.Cottrell.....

...The sun pours out 600 billion billion kilowatts of energy, yet we can deflect most of its harmful effects with an ultra-thin application of sunscreen or a visor. On the other hand, a laser beam focusing only a few kilowatts of energy can cut a diamond in half or even eradicate certain types of cancer.

Laser-like clarity puts you in the winner's circle. The most important decision to make is to decide what is most important. Your time and energy are precious resources; once you spend them, you don't get them back. Therefore, saying yes to one thing always means saying no to something else.

Winners create laser-like clarity by saying no to low-priority activities so they can say yes to the things they are really committed to - their rop priorities.

Knowing when to say no is not a once in a while thing; it's a daily winning habit. The biggest winners consistently ask themselves, "Is this the best investment of my attention at this moment?" - if it is, they get busy.....if it's not, they refocus their attention....

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