"I'm not" is someone elses opinion so STOP making it your TRUTH

Ray Dodd, in his book "The Power of Belief" tells us.....
Before we ever agreed to believe "I'm Not", it was someone else's opinion, and probably someone elses opinion before that
What is "I'm not"...here's a few examples:

  • I would go back to school but, I'm not able to take the time off from work
  • I would lose weight but, I'm not able to run/walk/lift weights etc because my health
  • I would be more outgoing but, I'm not sure where to go, or I dont trust people
  • I would try for that new job but, I'm not smart enough....things never go my way...I dont have a degree

Can you see how I'm Not's are capping your success, your wonderful life?

The way around I'm Not's is I AM's.... there's always something you CAN DO.... I repeat:

Find what YOU CAN DO and DO IT.....then from that other things you CAN DO will surface. Release the I'm Not's.....embrace the I AM's and get busy living!

1. I'm not is a lie, an opinion passed to you from someone that refused to create their ideal life.....It's their opinion, dont let it become your truth, YOU HAVE SAY SO!

2. I AM is your truth. So, what are you?

3. There is always something you CAN DO....find that and you are quickly on your way to a better life!

4. Keep finding what you CAN DO and teach others to do the same!

5. Get a good life coach or join a mastermind group of like minded individuals ....or do both, and get ready for a prosperous, positive, powerful year!!!


Vision Board Success Story

State your GOALS! Create your VISION BOARD....Watch in awe!!!

Oct 2010 - Began creating my yearly success plan- decided that 2011 Would be, to date, MY BEST YEAR EVER!

Nov-Dec 2010.....While preparing my yearly success plan (for the upcoming year) I got to the 'career" portion....decided this is the year I leave a position (that I'm not in love with) that I've held for 5 years!!!

Jan 2011.....Happy New Year!!

Feb 2011....Oh well this is a really good company, I've been here 5 years....and with the recession, I should probably stay here (the DOUBT BIRDS in FULL EFFECT)

March 2011..... Oh will this is a really good company....but  I remembered my promise to make 2011 my BEST YEAR EVER and that meant I had to leave a job is disliked...... decided to create a IDEAL CAREER VISION BOARD

April 2011.....My job is becoming unbearable in my soul....it's hard to even show up to work (which I still do)...although I have an internal struggle going on, I still show up nice, energetic.....I'm faking it

May 2011.....Vacation ....VEGAS VACATION.....ok when I get back I'll just bite the bullet and quit.... that did nt happen (lol)

June 2011..... might as well wait till the end of the year (DOUBT BIRDS back again)...no, I must honor my vision....I pray God for a peaceful solution

July 2011...... Gods solution came to me in the shower one Monday morning.....I received it and took action.....


Aug 2011..... Relaxation, freedom, peace, joy....this really is becoming, to date, my BEST YEAR EVER

Mid Aug 2011.... Shopping, vacations, spending....oh wait I have no income......revisit and connect with the Ideal Career Vision Board....interviews (2)

Sept 2011... Vacation........COZUMEL MEXICO...FUN.....oh wait, I spent lots of $$ for an unemployed person (lol).....remember the vision...I BELIEVE!

Sept 2011....Phone rang....."I'd like to offer you a position"........ the position reflected on my Ideal Career Vision Board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2011....Start date....NEW POSITION....NEW COMPANY....NEW CAREER......

Have you dared to believe you can have your BEST YEAR EVER????


The riches you receive......

Listening to The Science of Getting Rich and I was reminded of the key formula to attraction our desires.......The Riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the ....

1.Definiteness of your vision : DO you have a clearly written, divinely inspired/led vision for your life? Does this vision match your core values, strengths, commitment and passion? Does the vision have you stretching beyond mediocrity and into extraordinary? Have you shared your vision with others? Has your support team provided ideas/plans/accountability to make your vision real?

2.The fixity of your purpose: Do you know beyond all there is ....the purpose for your life?

3.The steadiness of your faith: What do you believe is possible in your life? Do you believe that 'if the universe has the wherewithal to stir the desire within you, then the universe also has the wherewithal to deliver your desires'? Can you visualize your desires? Do you visualize your desired end result? Are you easily shaken by disappointments? Do you understand and accept that what may seem like disappointment or a step backwards often is a necessary step along the journey to your desired end result?

4. The depth of your gratitude: How often do you exclaim "Thank you"? Are you genuinely grateful for what you are and what you have now? Do you have a gratitude journal? Are you willing to begin and end each day with a state of gratitude?

I believe in a higher source that , through meditation/prayer/quiet/clarity, we have access to...and this higher source  delivers to the faithful, relaxed, calm, believers.... the pathway to achieve great things..... follow these 4 steps and live your ideal life today


Instead of Affirmations...try questions

Quick powerful tip to making 2012 your

TIP #44: If affirmations seem to feel "unrealistic"...change the positive statements to empowered questions (E?'s)

Affirmation - I will $125,000 annual from my coaching business in 2012 (or, I am earning $125,000 from coaching services in 2012)

E? - What are the many ways I can earn $125,000 from my coaching business in 2012

Choose to change your affirmations to empowered questions and feel good knowing you are moving into vibrational alignment with that which you desire -

THE KEY : relax in this process, simply allow your higher mind to surface the "best ways".....trust the process and go with the flow...

TIP #44.1:SUPERCHARGE your E?'s (Empowered Questions) with a statement of belief 1st

Affirmation - I will earn $125,000 annual from my coaching business in 2012

E? - What are the many ways I can earn $125,000 from my coaching business in 2012

E?+ - I know other coaches who earn $125,000 + a year from coaching services, and I believe this is my year to do the same...now higher mind, what are the many ways I can earn $125,000 from my coaching business in 2012.

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5 Reasons you MUST love MONDAYS!

Rule #33 to WOWing your LIFE…..you gotta love Monday’s… (not a typo)

5 reasons to LOVE Mondays!
1. Because, if you love Monday, it’ll love you back

2. Because, if you hate Monday, it will hate you back

3. Because, if you bite Monday it will bite you back…and it bites HARD

4. Monday is 1/7th of your life…do you really want to hate 1/7th of your life?

5. Because, if you hate Monday, it’ll tell its best friend, Tuesday, to give you hell…and believe me, you DO NOT WANT to make TUESDAY mad!

The only Monday I would possibly hate, would be if I died on a Monday…even then I’d only dislike it for a few minutes….It would be the worst Monday in my life, and my best Monday of my death, both at the same time…the day I leave here to go to hereafter…. Not too shabby when you know the Lord!

Plus, Monday is working for you as your detective so don’t kill the messenger. If you hate Monday’s do you realize that it is telling you that you need to make a life adjustment? Whatever ends on Sunday and begins on Monday should be investigated…Obviously for so many the workweek begins on Monday….do you hate your job (If you didn’t already know, if you hate your job, it will hate you back- it is also friends with Monday) Monday is trying to get you to examine your life and WOW it! So how possibly could you embrace Monday…or LOVE Monday’s….

• Get up 5 minutes earlier than normal time on Monday…set an alarm for 3 minutes, then recite in your mind or aloud, as quickly as possible, as many things that you can name that you love about your life

• The remaining 2 minutes apologize to your significant other for your “strange” Monday behavior…..blame it on Monday! Invite them to join you next week in this celebration of Monday or

• If you are your significant other, invest the last 2 minutes in deep breathing, relaxation and peace

• Throughout the day, if something doesn’t go your way….don’t blame Monday, and don’t blame yourself. Instead, choose to shrug it off and seek solutions, not make the problem worse….remember all the things you love about your life?

• As Monday concludes and you get ready for bed, ask yourself “Did I make Monday proud and will Monday tell Tuesday to prepare all green lights for me”, thinking of how you chose to focus on the positives of the day!

Coach Valj