5 Reasons you MUST love MONDAYS!

Rule #33 to WOWing your LIFE… gotta love Monday’s… (not a typo)

5 reasons to LOVE Mondays!
1. Because, if you love Monday, it’ll love you back

2. Because, if you hate Monday, it will hate you back

3. Because, if you bite Monday it will bite you back…and it bites HARD

4. Monday is 1/7th of your life…do you really want to hate 1/7th of your life?

5. Because, if you hate Monday, it’ll tell its best friend, Tuesday, to give you hell…and believe me, you DO NOT WANT to make TUESDAY mad!

The only Monday I would possibly hate, would be if I died on a Monday…even then I’d only dislike it for a few minutes….It would be the worst Monday in my life, and my best Monday of my death, both at the same time…the day I leave here to go to hereafter…. Not too shabby when you know the Lord!

Plus, Monday is working for you as your detective so don’t kill the messenger. If you hate Monday’s do you realize that it is telling you that you need to make a life adjustment? Whatever ends on Sunday and begins on Monday should be investigated…Obviously for so many the workweek begins on Monday….do you hate your job (If you didn’t already know, if you hate your job, it will hate you back- it is also friends with Monday) Monday is trying to get you to examine your life and WOW it! So how possibly could you embrace Monday…or LOVE Monday’s….

• Get up 5 minutes earlier than normal time on Monday…set an alarm for 3 minutes, then recite in your mind or aloud, as quickly as possible, as many things that you can name that you love about your life

• The remaining 2 minutes apologize to your significant other for your “strange” Monday behavior…..blame it on Monday! Invite them to join you next week in this celebration of Monday or

• If you are your significant other, invest the last 2 minutes in deep breathing, relaxation and peace

• Throughout the day, if something doesn’t go your way….don’t blame Monday, and don’t blame yourself. Instead, choose to shrug it off and seek solutions, not make the problem worse….remember all the things you love about your life?

• As Monday concludes and you get ready for bed, ask yourself “Did I make Monday proud and will Monday tell Tuesday to prepare all green lights for me”, thinking of how you chose to focus on the positives of the day!

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