"I'm not" is someone elses opinion so STOP making it your TRUTH

Ray Dodd, in his book "The Power of Belief" tells us.....
Before we ever agreed to believe "I'm Not", it was someone else's opinion, and probably someone elses opinion before that
What is "I'm not"...here's a few examples:

  • I would go back to school but, I'm not able to take the time off from work
  • I would lose weight but, I'm not able to run/walk/lift weights etc because my health
  • I would be more outgoing but, I'm not sure where to go, or I dont trust people
  • I would try for that new job but, I'm not smart enough....things never go my way...I dont have a degree

Can you see how I'm Not's are capping your success, your wonderful life?

The way around I'm Not's is I AM's.... there's always something you CAN DO.... I repeat:

Find what YOU CAN DO and DO IT.....then from that other things you CAN DO will surface. Release the I'm Not's.....embrace the I AM's and get busy living!

1. I'm not is a lie, an opinion passed to you from someone that refused to create their ideal life.....It's their opinion, dont let it become your truth, YOU HAVE SAY SO!

2. I AM is your truth. So, what are you?

3. There is always something you CAN DO....find that and you are quickly on your way to a better life!

4. Keep finding what you CAN DO and teach others to do the same!

5. Get a good life coach or join a mastermind group of like minded individuals ....or do both, and get ready for a prosperous, positive, powerful year!!!

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