The riches you receive......

Listening to The Science of Getting Rich and I was reminded of the key formula to attraction our desires.......The Riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the ....

1.Definiteness of your vision : DO you have a clearly written, divinely inspired/led vision for your life? Does this vision match your core values, strengths, commitment and passion? Does the vision have you stretching beyond mediocrity and into extraordinary? Have you shared your vision with others? Has your support team provided ideas/plans/accountability to make your vision real?

2.The fixity of your purpose: Do you know beyond all there is ....the purpose for your life?

3.The steadiness of your faith: What do you believe is possible in your life? Do you believe that 'if the universe has the wherewithal to stir the desire within you, then the universe also has the wherewithal to deliver your desires'? Can you visualize your desires? Do you visualize your desired end result? Are you easily shaken by disappointments? Do you understand and accept that what may seem like disappointment or a step backwards often is a necessary step along the journey to your desired end result?

4. The depth of your gratitude: How often do you exclaim "Thank you"? Are you genuinely grateful for what you are and what you have now? Do you have a gratitude journal? Are you willing to begin and end each day with a state of gratitude?

I believe in a higher source that , through meditation/prayer/quiet/clarity, we have access to...and this higher source  delivers to the faithful, relaxed, calm, believers.... the pathway to achieve great things..... follow these 4 steps and live your ideal life today

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