6 Easy ways to WOW your LIFE now!!

Definition: WOW your life- to really really really feel alive, excited, enthusiastic and empowered to live the life of your dreams.....

to be, do and have extraordinary experiences created by you and unique to your strengths, desires and core values!

to feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY

Are you wondering....am I WOWing my life? Well time is this wonderful truth serum....it ticks and ticks and ticks away... and as if does... so does your availability to be, do and have your Ideal Life.... WOW you moments, live with excitement, passion and joy....and most importantly DO IT NOW!

Steve Jobs, creative innovator (founder of Apple and Pixar)who recently passed away, gave us the following advice:

Every morning begin your day by asking yourself "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today?.....whenever I had too many NO days in a row, then I knew I needed to change something......

Is there something you need to change......

6 ways to WOW your LIFE NOW (right now)

6. Find your "power animal" or "power story".....
my friend Julie loves Eagles....they remind her of determination, dedication and ALL or NOTHING... an eagle will hunt it's prey from miles away with it's keen eyesight. And, as Julie loves to tell, it's soars down to capture it's pray, and even if it's too big for the Eagle...it will not give up. The Eagle will be the victor or receive death....no gray area... no excuses.... win or die.....so Julie uses the Eagle symbol as a reminder to give it all all the time, no exception......

just keep saying it, and soon you will begin to believe it... and soon your subconscious will show you what goals, dreams, plans and objectives will occur to make this your best year ever..... your words, change, your thoughts change, your actions change, your circumstances change and you change..... this happens ANYWAY.... now you have the option to deliberately direct the type of change !

4. Be a FOOL
do something spontaneous today.....anything that takes you out of your comfort zone.....and it's probably something you secretly want to do anyway....go ahead be a fool and go for it! You win because you dared.....be a fool I DARE YOU!

3. Bucket List
Backpacking all over Europe, completing a marathon, singing the National Anthem...., what's on your bucket list..... call up a few friends, order pizza, beer, pencil and paper and have a Bucket List Party! everyone gets to create their own bucket list and share with the group!!! Then start crossing off the list one activity at a time!!!

2. Make Today Wonderful
do something incredibly thoughtful for someone you love....something spontaneous "just because" and don't expect a big parade because you took action....do it because you wanted to WOW your LIFE today....

1. Give yourself away
If you have a church home, or a charitable organization that you believe in....take a step out in faith and double your normal "offering"..... just do it, and feel good about doing so..... let it be your secret. Expect nothing in return, just feel the fear, the anxiety, and do it anyway.....

Go talk with an awesome life coach to help you clarify your vision for your life.... and then hold you accountable to bringing that vision to fruition...... Life is meant to be a joyous, meaningful experience... savor the moments as the precious priceless gifts they are...... and most life coaches offer a free complementary exploratory session!

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